Bali– “A paradise on Earth

You’ll only understand this if you’ve been there. The place which took my soul forever. I mean it! You can actually feel your happiness at the highest peak. I never wanted to come back, but…that’s life! And you’ve got to deal with it!

Bali is a very beautiful island of Indonesia. Localites of Bali consider their main volcano “Gunung Agung” as sacred and believe it as the “center of the universe”. The place indeed proves the fact that it’s an island of Gods and I did feel it too. It’s a place with all good vibes around. It’s a perfect destination if you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself and still don’t wanna spend much of your savings.


My room in Seminyak, Bali
Seminyak Bali


I stayed at Sanyas suites which is a Villa located in Seminyak. Seminyak is basically a modernized version of Bali where you can enjoy a good nightlife. It’s a happening region of Bali and you will never get bored. Due to the developing real estate industry in this section, you get to see a lot of other tourists as well. Legian and Kuta serve you the same.

About the villa, it was beautiful and RECOMMENDED, no doubts about that. Somehow, I’ve lost the images of my room, which you can anyway check on google, but yes, I’ve got a glimpse of it in the picture I’ve shared above. I had a private pool and it was amazing! It had an open living area right behind the pool, and my room, exactly at my right. It is visible in the picture as well. Right behind my room, was a roofless bathroom, where privacy was never an issue and an open kitchen where I cooked nothing more than Maggie, tee-hee! 😮


Seminyak Bali


We(I and my husband), hired a scooty to roam around locally and luckily we got a very nice Uber driver who after the first trip, became our very dear friend and took us to show all the good places for the rest of our days in Bali. His name is “Wayan“. Okay, so here comes an interesting fact about Bali. They all share the same names depending on their birth order. “Wayan, Putu, Gede, Made, Kadek, Nengah, Nyoman Komang, and Ketut.” These are the only names you’ll get to hear in Bali. Funny, no? Anyway, I’ll be sharing his picture in my upcoming posts.


Having all the funSeminyak BaliSeminyak Bali

Seminyak Bali


As we were missing Indian food a lot, we preferred to go to an Indian restaurant. And as mentioned previously, in Seminyak, it was not difficult to find one. Though it was not an Indian restaurant completely, it did serve very delicious Indian food. We ordered the routine. Dal (Makhni), Vegetable (Okra), and Naan (Garlic).


Seminyak Bali
We spent quite a long time roaming in the streets of Seminyak as we were new to the place so we were immensely excited to explore new stuff, following with some leisure time on the beach nearby to unwind ourselves.


Seminyak Bali


Later, we went to an Italian restaurant “La Baracca” for dinner and the experience was phenomenal. The service was, no doubt, great and the food was remarkable. We wanted a real-good “veg” pizza and the owner was so kind and friendly that he did special customizations in our food. I can’t really remember the exact customization we asked for but the discussion was long enough to not forget ever. 😀 The interior of the restaurant was rustic with quirky accessories and that’s my thing. The day ended on a perfect note. 🙂


Seminyak Bali


Bali was vast as per the time we’ve spent there. Only 5 days!!! 🙁 Can you believe that?? Had we known the real experience of the place before, we would definitely have extended the trip a bit longer. But that’s what was stored for us and we’ll cherish that forever. Hoping to visit the place once again. And if we do, you’ll be priorly informed. 🙂


Outfit details
Flared Green Tank Top and Blue Ripped Shorts: H&M
Slippers: Heels, Connaught Place




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