To summarize, this is the story of a girl who was privileged and well educated, living securely in the affection of her father and is thought high of herself by the fellow villagers. She had a sister Isabelle, married happily with John Knightley, brother of George Knightley, who ended up being a love affair of Emma, who further turned into a marriage affair too. She also had a lovely governess named Anne Taylor who later turned into a Mrs. Weston after marrying Mr. Weston. She was devoted to Emma like a mother and was always known for her kind temperament. Emma and her father, Mr. Woodhouse, always cherished her presence in their life, even after she got married.



This was a short and crisp description of her life, but as a character, she was witty, considerate, and a decent young woman. She also believed everything I’ve just mentioned about her character, especially the “wit” part. She indeed was! However, this book takes her journey from believing herself as witty to realizing that she doesn’t know it all, that she has limits too when it comes to understanding or knowing people. She liked to help less fortunate women in making something of their lives by intervening in the matter of their hearts and that is what Jane Austen’s Emma is all about.


J is for Jane Austen Quotes Brenna Aubrey


This book is a mix of drama, humor, friendship and romance. If you’re fascinated by English classic age in any way, Jane Austen’s Emma is made for you. A key point to be noted here before you consider this information enough to buy the book is, the language. It’s a classic, hence, you’d not find plain English in this book. When I started reading, I literally had to re-reading it until I truly understood the message it tried to convey. Gradually, I got familiar with it and it finally came to a normal reading speed ‘of mine’. I read slow anyway. With Emma, I got slowest. It took a really long time for me to finish Emma but it was worth it. I’d not rate this book low because I can never do that. This book looked like a work of art. Art is honest so was the Jane Austen’s Emma.


Emma jane austen


Jane Austen, truly highlighted a very crucial part of our lives. Emma being so judgemental about everyone, was proved totally wrong about everyone in the end. All the facts she held in her brain were proved to be her own creation and nothing else. Still considering those judgements, she tried to manipulate (only with a healthy motive though) the actions of people around her. She, unintentionally, ended up playing with the hearts of people who truly looked upon her for which she was later really regretful and embarrassed. This tells how we humans become so judgemental about everyone around us and make our and their lives miserable. Positive or negative judgements, if wrong, will only distract you from the truth and to see the truth, we must not be judgemental about anyone. This is a real problem of this world and I feel if it’s worked on, more than half of the world’s problems will just vanish.


Emma jane austen review


I was half-done with the book and I really wanted to know more about Jane Austen, which brought me to this video. Who was the real Jane Austen?

After watching this video, I’m left with so much respect for the author and inspiration her life gave me. In some way, Emma or any other books of Jane Austen were only the expression of her own life. A lot I could relate from her real life and this book. I wish I could meet her in person but apparently that’s impossible. The most depressive thing about her own life is she couldn’t live her dream life but certainly ended up giving life to many even centuries later and I suppose, many more to come. I’m looking forward to read more of her books and will recommend you the same.


Emma jane austen book

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