Benefits of Physical Exercise

Well, this would be a perfect time to write about this.

I just finished up with my everyday workout routine and there wouldn’t be a better time to speak about the benefits of physical exercise.

Mind you, this is not just some technical stuff, I’m a natural motivator, so you will end up following this routine.

Honestly, I’m not a gym trainer or a health doctor, I’m an ordinary human like you, which is why, my tips are going to work because they are coming from umpteen brutal failures in the same regard.

I’m sure, we can relate so let’s go ahead and make you work out,


Physical Benefits of Workout

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1. Weight control

Well, well, well, this is one of the most trending benefits of physical exercise you can look for. I mean, this would surely hit your dopamine up right now because the foremost benefit of physical exercise is you look amazing wherever you go, whatever you wear. I mean, who doesn’t want to let go of that extra flesh that stops you from

  1. Being confident
  2. Looking hot
  3. Exploring the sea of fashionable garments out there.
  4. Attracting the right people in your life.

Hence, just a 30-minute workout every day helps you manage your weight and can take you from zero to the top, at least it opens the doors to immense possibilities and positive occurrences out there.

2. Workout reduces the risk of chronic diseases

First, physical exercises can help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases in your body. Heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and whatnot?

Second, if you already have any of these, physical exercise can help you maintain its wreck on your body.

Let me state this clearly, if you are not happy, that is the core reason that you are attracting such crap energy into your body. But, to sort out the root problem, ‘your unhappiness’, you still have to give your body some consistent movements to be able to be relaxed enough to get on the path of killing the problem from the root itself.

So go, walk, jump, dance, or whatever form of physical movement you enjoy, do it, become a monkey, but move!

3. Stronger bones and muscles

Well, be strong, not just mentally but physically too. Bone mass reduces with age and it increases your chances of getting physically vulnerable.

Haven’t you noticed, how the elder community becomes so weak physically? Are you someone who is waiting for their children to mature so that they can take care of you physically?

I mean c’mon, they won’t do it happily anyway. They might get you a helper and sometimes, not even that, but they will be gone after some time and you’d be alone, walking stooped and weak.

This is called Kyphosis which is found in older people generally, which is often due to weak spinal bones that cause them to crack and compress.

Do you really want that?

This is one of the benefits of physical exercise that will help you avoid such helpless times.

4. Exercise improves sleep

Do you know your sleep is interconnected with your physical activities?

Recall those days when you were highly tired due to physical exertion during the day and how you slept like a baby.

And also recall the time when you were sleep-deprived and were hardly able to move.

That’s why sleeping is important and if you do enough body movements in a day, you’ll again get to sleep like a baby.

Hence, one of the benefits of physical exercise is that you never feel deprived of sleep and your mental system functions clearly enough to let you literally relax in the night.

5. Reduced stress

One of the benefits of physical exercise is that it can pump up your endorphins. It produces these feel-good neurotransmitters that keep you happy and light the whole day.

If you have stress already, and you’re not motivated enough to exercise, please put on your headset, and dance to your favorite tracks. YOU HAVE TO DO IT.

Trust me, it might feel difficult in the beginning, but if you keep going, you’ll begin to flow with it and in no time, you will be dancing crazily and notice a shift in your mood, this is how you tackle the negativity in your life.

Elevate your mood, elevate your chances of achieving your dream life.

Mental Benefits of Workout

1. Improved cognitive function

Your brain needs calmness to be able to think clearly, memorize, learn, concentrate, speak precisely, and make decisions smoothly, from tiny to big ones.

If you are not giving your brain enough food, it is not going to give you the results you expect from it.

Your poor decision-making makes your life upside-down, that’s how crucial brain health is.

What you have to do is, MOVE, and that’s it! The further guidance will come naturally.

2. Workout reduces risk of depression and anxiety

Do you think some people out there are the reason for your depressed life? If yes, then you’re only misleading yourself every day, giving yourself reasons to be lazy.

Trust me, no one is the reason to make you anxious, it has to do with your traumas which need to be resolved and HEALED. Do not blame your parents, they have theirs too and it’ll keep going like this, until, someone from the family gears up to break the patterns.

And, it won’t happen if, to start with, you are not moving your body enough in a day. If you follow my instructions, trust me, depression and anxiety will abstain from coming near you.

3. Exercise increases energy levels

One of the benefits of physical exercise is also that it helps increase your energy levels.

What happens is that exercise sends oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which makes your cardiovascular system more efficient. And when your internal organs like the heart and lungs function properly, you have more energy to carry out the daily tasks. What you generally do in 30 minutes can be done in 15 minutes only when you exercise at least 20-30 minutes a day.

Or, just open the link and dance to this track, it is so high on energy, that it will make your day. You can just copy Ranveer’s steps and that’ll do the job.

Malhari- Bajirao Mastani

4. Workout improves self-esteem

They say “Believe in yourself”. How can you do so if you’re not having your physical structure in place?

Being that fleshy “so-called” foodie personality, always throwing garbage inside your body, expanding without limit only in terms of weight, how can you believe in yourself, when you’re ditching your real needs every day?

Exercise, my dear, that is where you need to begin to really believe in yourself. And then, it will come naturally to you, this is one of those benefits of workout that will change the whole game.

I know it is all easier said than done, but I HAVE DONE IT! After numerous failures, I reached this point where this specific mindset can keep me fixed on a daily routine of exercise.

benefits of physical exercise, self help, personal development, self improvement, motivational, mental health

Finally, in order to enjoy all the benefits of physical exercise, follow these tips. These tips will help you follow a workout routine which is crazy simple to execute.

  1. Find an activity you enjoy

    – I dance for 15 minutes minimum and that elevates my mood in a flash. For the other 15 mins, I stick to dumbbells, muscle-building, and jumping exercises. In total, you need to invest 30 minutes everyday in these physical activities without any lame excuses. Sunny Funny Fitness is my favorite dance workout trainer on YouTube.

  2. Make exercise a habit

    – Keep feeding your brain that you have to do it. Even for just 15 minutes if not 30, and no matter what, show up for those 15 mins. Do the bare minimum possible for you on your worst days, but do it, do not skip it. Make it a habit, instead of a goal. You can do it at least 4 days a week if you make it a way of life.

  3. Find a workout buddy

    – I would say, become ‘Aatmnirbhar’ or ‘self-dependent’, if you really want to succeed in life. But if you are one of those who performs better in a company, please do that. The idea is to work out, NO MATTER WHAT!

  4. Reward yourself

    – A common misconception about health is that you can’t eat the stuff you enjoy. It’s totally incorrect. You can eat whatever you like. If you make exercise your habit, you can eat anything, but just eat it wisely, not ravenously.

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    – And I’d say, you’ll get it if you are really willing enough. Help is out there everywhere. If you lose motivation, watch umpteen videos of people who talk about workouts, health, etc., you’ll be pushed to do the same.

Influence can do wonders in your life, you only need to type ‘benefits of physical exercise’, etc. in the search bar and watch 1 good video. The person in the video will hypnotize you to do the same. Do it whenever you lose motivation.

Since you’ve all the tips now, get up (if you haven’t eaten in last 2 hours), and take this 2-minute challenge.

I hope these benefits of physical exercise push you enough to work out every day and makes a difference to your life.

Read the article below to get some tips and tricks to look thin, until you are able to implement the above routine tips.

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May you have a happy workout journey ahead!

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