We’re living in a society which has defined some parameters that decides if you fall in “good-looking people” category or not. That’s so unfair but we really can’t help it. We can try changing their opinion but that just means slamming your own head on the wall. So, we just have to accept people the way they are and mind our own business. It’s the best we can do.

Or…..we can move ourselves to that category by just fooling them around. Wanna know how? Check out these ways I’ve mentioned that can make you look slimmer and much better than you actually appear to be. In the end, it’s only about how you’re carrying yourself. Sometimes, it’s just the clothes you wear that brings you in the “fat people” category, when in actual, you’re not that fat.


Wear Long Tops

This is the biggest mistake we all do. By being fascinated towards what we really liked in a store, we just end up buying it. Or, probably that’s the trend. But, this is the most naive act. Why do we always have to copy people or the trends? Short tops look good, but it doesn’t mean that it suits everyone. Everyone has their own body type, and by imitating others or the people we admire when it comes to fashion, we do wrong to ourselves. Short tops basically look terrible on fat people because it shows your hips very clear. They’re those parts of a woman’s body that are most fleshy and if you’re aiming to look thinner, flesh is the first thing that needs to be covered.

how to look thin


Say No To Body-Hugging Dresses

Body-hugging dresses are made to actually highlight the shape of your body. But, if you’re not carrying a well-toned body, what’s the point of exposing your shape? It really doesn’t look attractive. Rather, it looks vulgar. Your unnecessary flesh is not a turn-on for any guy out there. And if you talk about the girls, who would crave to be in your place? So, avoid wearing any such dresses or tops because they’ll do no good to you!


how to look thin


Wear Loose Dresses Or Tops

In the end, you just want to look good, right? People should be appreciating you on your choice of clothes, the way you carry them. You can’t carry tight or body-hugging stuff, whichever possible way you try. So the best thing you can do is wearing loose tops or dresses or whatever because that just hide all your flesh. And that’s the ultimate need. Be tricky, smarter and slimmer.


how to look thin


Wear Dark Shades

Darker the shades, slimmer you look. Try the darker shades of colors you wear. Your color options would go limited with this but it’s a sure shot fact that it will make you look slimmer than usual. Dark Shades create an optical illusion for the other person as it hides all the shadows and makes you look thinner. These pictures below are the proof and if you still have doubts, try it once.

 how to look thin


Skater Dresses

Skater dresses are best to go with. I loooooove them. They look so cute and sexy at the same time! And the best part is, you look much slimmer than you actually are! Pictures below I’ve gathered are the best examples that explain my point. The reason why they give such an effect is that they are fitted from the waist and flares in an a-line shape, that hides your tummy, thighs, and hips. So, you end up looking way thinner. Try them out once and you’d wanna add more and more of them in your wardrobe.


how to look thin

Wear Longer Sleeves

When you gain some weight, your arms look flabby too. And that really gives an impression of a fat body. Some people are not that over-weight yet they have huge arms. In that case, you should try long sleeves, or the sleeves till your elbow which makes your arms look slender. That’s again an illusion because it just hides the extra flesh that’s visible when exposed. So, the more you hide, the thinner you look.


how to look thin



Contouring is best for the plumpy faces. If you do all the adjustments in your clothes, and you’re still looking bulky, you should add this to your daily routine. Contouring is basically a 3D effect on your face. Your face appears to be thinner than normal as it transforms your bone structure completely by emphasizing natural shadows on your face. If you’re not much into makeup, check out my post Makeup Essentials For A Decent Makeup which gives you the number of items that are enough to give you a good makeup effect. Although contouring is not on that list, you can add that if you want to look slimmer.


how to look thin


Give Your Hair A Chance

You can hide your face with the front part of your hair. Obviously, for that, you’d have to keep them open because that won’t be possible in tied up hair. If you cover your face with some of your hair, you’d reduce some inches of your face without many efforts. But yes, make sure you keep a decent length of your hair. If you’ve pixie cut, this won’t be helpful to you at all. So, either you skip this step or try growing your hair little longer.


how to look thin


These tips and tricks would be helpful to you for sure, but the best thing for you all would be to exercise more and keep yourself healthy and fit. I’m soon gonna start a healthy routine for myself and I’d exercise as much as I can. Also, don’t stress yourself too much on this and live the way you wish to. What other people are thinking is none of your concern. Love your body the way it is and those who care wouldn’t see this as a barrier.



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