Solo trip for a woman is not a familiar concept in many parts of the world. Women are so highly brainwashed from ages that in many parts of the world, a woman has to get permission from her parents, husband, or any caretaker for that matter, let alone travel alone anywhere.

The world is evolving and the rebellious power or say the power of those who dare to fight for what they deserve, has at least brought the idea to life. And we say, let this idea be a way of life and not a favor.

Here are 5 reasons we have that will convince you to plan your first solo trip soon.

1. Space and Freedom to reflect:

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Well, don’t underestimate the power of sitting alone, idle, and just observing. This is the reason why the mental health of the majority of people is not in place. They do not sit with themselves. Sitting still for a few minutes is as important as finishing a very important and urgent task of the day.

A solo trip is an opportunity to be alone, along with having fun of a holiday. You can carry a book along and why I say that? Read here!

Being solo doesn’t mean you’re worthless and no one wants to be with you, it only means that you find yourself quite interesting to interact with on and off. Imagine, you’re in trouble and you need advice, who would be the most trustworthy for you at that moment? Believe it or not, it is always going to be You!

You have a sea of wisdom inside of you, that is ever present to guide you towards your dreams, only if you give it time, only if you practice being with yourself, and one day, you would want to die to come back to it more and more.

Solo travel provides you with that space and freedom, that brings you closer to yourself. How else are you going to heal if you don’t give your mind what it needs?

2. Independence:

Solo trips, solo travel, solo travel for women, why should you travel alone, lostilista, lifestyle magazine, sarita nakra

Another reason why traveling solo is a must for women is ‘Independence’. Terms like Independence and Women never clicked together. Women also started to think they were incomplete without men.

Why do you think men are so independent while making decisions? Do you think they are born like that? No, of course not. They are trained right from their childhood.

Little girls are told they need a man to survive after they mature, and boys are told they must learn to take care of family to survive. It is so unfair no? Unfair to both men and women. Why must a man take all the responsibility of the finances when women are equally educated and why must a woman only become a servant of the house when a man can also contribute equally in house chores?

This is why a solo trip. To correct the mistakes of a wrong training your brain has gotten.  How do you do that? By getting into problems and finding their solutions – alone. When you do it often, it becomes a norm for you. Independence becomes your way of living and gradually you begin to shed what doesn’t support it.

Independence brings you to your soul, to yourself, to the one that guides you to live a wonderful and fulfilled life by breaking all the comfort zones or cages you have been brought into.

3. Confidence and Clarity:

Solo trips, solo travel, solo travel for women, why should you travel alone, lostilista, lifestyle magazine, sarita nakra

What is confidence? Why some people are so good public speakers and some like a scaredy cat? In our true nature, no one is a scaredy cat. We all have the power to face people and speak our minds. We just started our lives on the wrong track, that’s all.

Don’t blame your parents, they became victims themselves. It started ages ago and went on and on until some started standing up for themselves when some really accepted being hated by society. Therefore, become courageous now. Take actions that lead you to your dreams.

Just like a solo trip. It brings so much confidence when you get through so much alone, you meet new people and the only option for you to survive is by making the right choices. You have no other option than be extra vigilant about your surroundings, and your decisions. The more you put yourself through this, the better your decisions, and therefore, the higher your confidence and clarity in life.

4. New friends:

Solo trips, solo travel, solo travel for women, why should you travel alone, lostilista, lifestyle magazine, sarita nakra

Trust me, you need them. You don’t have to have so many friends, but you must have as many friends as possible. Who knows who will become a rescuer for you in the times to come?

When you hang out with a group of friends and they become your forever go-to people, it doesn’t mean you’re living a decent life, it is rather the opposite. You are stuck!

What are people? The energies. If you’re always around the same people all the time, it only means that none of you are ready to evolve. You have made a comfort zone for yourselves and it’s a harsh truth but achieving all your dreams will be only a dream. You can not have it all, ever! If you want something, EVOLVE! That’s the only way you get to achieve your dreams.

New people may or may not accept you, but if you keep connecting with fresh faces, you’ll definitely end up making so many friends around the world.

And solo trips are the best way to achieve this outcome.

5. Opportunities:

Solo travel, solo travel for women, why should you travel alone, lostilista, lifestyle magazine, sarita nakra, solo trip

  • A circle with a diameter of 10 centimeters is 78.5 square centimeters.
  • A circle with a diameter of 100 centimeters is 7,854 centimeters.
  • A circle with a diameter of 1000 centimeters is 785,398 centimeters.
  • And so on.

This is the calculation for the opportunities as well. Yes, they may not strike in one or two solo trips, but they will, the more you explore and the more people you come across. Doesn’t it seem obvious?

The more people you meet, the more places you step into, and the more data your brain receives to give you much more results than it has been giving you since childhood.

And imagine, you were looking for an opportunity where you will be happy working and you come across something or someone who has just that.

“How can you rely on limited places for your unlimited dreams?”


Please contemplate!

If you’re not happy, it’s only because you’re away from yourself. Treating yourself is the best way to reach yourself.

Don’t you come across times when you feel you’re looking for something but don’t understand what it is? It is You! And trust me, your ‘You’ is also searching for you!

So work, earn money, and plan a solo trip for yourself. Do not neglect your family, love and respect them, but also have courage enough to stand for your freedom and to ask for your real self, which is your birthright.

When you entered the world, you were alone, you were detached even from your mother. You showed her love but you were not attached. That’s how you must become, a baby, full of love and freedom.

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