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We all have been through some good days and some really bad days in terms of fashion but what fashion really is? Who defines it? We all look for celebrities or the high-end designers to avoid any fashion faux pas but what exactly is the faux pas? Something which has never been done by already existing designers, or something that doesn’t please the eyes of people whom we are surrounded with? Fashion has no fixed definition. It’s something that’s created by a human who tries to think something new and unique, something out of the box. And that creativity is nothing but what looks good to her eyes. So that just means that we rely on some other human of this planet to decide what we want to wear. I think I’ve put it the right way now!

So, that concludes that the fashion can be self-created. Obviously, considering our time-limit, we can’t design clothes or the accessories or the rest of the fashionable needs on our own, forever, but we can manage to choose the best for ourselves, even if it’s not coming from a brand or top-level designers.


Fashion Faux Pas


I’m here to give you some expert tips on avoiding any kind of fashion faux pas which will help you further not being noticed in an awkward way. I’ve split it up into 5 segments that, hopefully, will never let you go in the wrong direction.

Step 1

Fashion Faux Pas


Let’s start with the first step. What could this be? Obviously, your clothes. When you get ready, your first thing that comes to mind is what you’d like to wear on that particular occasion. Be it a hangout, or a night out, or an office party, or to the office, or to some kind of ceremony or a romantic date. It’s never that you decide your footwear or the accessories first, right? So, when it comes to deciding what you want to put on for any particular occasion, you must consider every aspect that revolves around that occasion. It’s not always what your heart says because if you feel like wearing your favorite short bling dress and you’re going for a day out, you’d end up looking like a blunder yourself. So it’s very important to keep every aspect in mind while getting ready. Now, the next question that arrives, is how to decide the right outfit? There are certain parameters that should be taken into account while choosing the best fit for the moment. I’m putting some light on those parameters, have a look.

1. Your Mood

Our hormones play the most influential role in our lives. Nobody understands the fact but don’t worry, I do as I sail in the same boat. So, when you’re choosing your outfit, it’s very important to listen to your mood. If you go against it, you might end up feeling useless. Let’s say you’re going for clubbing and you don’t feel like wearing too much bling, you don’t have to go against what you don’t feel like doing. Wearing very subtle bling may just solve your problem. For example, in this particular situation, you can substitute sequins with silk and you’re ready to rock!

2. Your Comfort

Comfort is another factor that needs to be considered. If you’re not comfortable wearing any outfit, that SHOULD be avoided at least at that point of time. If you do wear something uncomfortable, you’d not be able to carry yourself well and it’ll eventually come on your face. And that would misinterpret your appearance as lacking with confidence. Confidence is a very crucial matter here. Even if you’re wearing something really awkward and you’re carrying it confidently, people around you would get impressed by you and would like to stay in touch with you. So, make sure, while choosing your outfit, you give great importance to your comfort level.

3. If it suits you

Just because it’s in, it shouldn’t be on your body. Fashion is vast and you can’t follow it completely. Fashion is vast because the population is immense and everyone is so different and unique. There are some really skinny women, and then some bulky ones, some are just perfect, and some are little more or less than perfect. Different kind of faces, legs, hair and so on. So not everyone can wear the same kind of things. For example, a crop top won’t look good on a bulky body as it looks on a slim body. Similarly, black would look better on a normal body rather than a skinny one. That’s the reason that not everything suits everyone. Make sure you don’t wear what doesn’t look good on you. It’ll spoil your moment.

4. Avoid mixing patterns

This is the biggest blunder one can possibly make. All kind of patterns look good, but if wearing them all at once, you’d yourself look like a patterned human being. Try to mix patterns with some complementary shades. If you’re wearing a one-piece outfit, be it plain or patterned, it looks great. But if you wear two-pieces outfit, only 1 should be a pattern and the other one, if plain, looks best or even very subtle patterns can also go with it. So, it really depends. Try to combine pattern with plain instead of either of them completely, if deciding to wear a two-piece outfit. This is one thing even some celebrities also overlook at times and end up getting embarrassed after being clicked by the media.


Step 2

Fashion Faux Pas


Once you select your outfit, it’s time to decide what kind of Hairstyle would go with it. If you keep the weather in mind, you’d not end up committing any fashion faux pas. There is no point keeping your hair open if it’s too hot or too windy. Your sweat or the wind may ruin your event. And if it’s cold, you should consider keeping your hair open. Or you can just go with kind of a hairstyle that would keep you warm in that particular situation, else you may end up shivering all the time. I personally never tie my hair when I go out in winters. They keep me cozy. And, while going for shopping in summers, I try not keeping them open at all. They had to be tied in.


Step 3

Fashion Faux Pas


The third step should always be your Shoes. This one is easy because you already have a direction now. Choose what goes perfectly with your outfit. AND, it should be comfortable as well. Shoes, if creating any kind of discomfort, would NOT let you enjoy the occasion. I’m not a heel person if it’s about spending long hours on any occasion. For little time, I can still manage. I try keeping it “Down to Earth” as much as I can. 😉 But yes, basis your outfit, choose the best fit and the best match, and you’re good to go.


Step 4

Fashion Faux Pas


The fourth step that follows is Accessories. Choose your accessories wisely. Some people really don’t understand the concept and become a mess themselves. Accessories don’t mean that you’ve to wear long earrings, neckpiece, bracelet, watch, all in one go. The more subtle look you give to yourself, the farthest you are from landing in any kind of faux pas. So, wearing limited accessories that goes perfectly with your outfit should be the intention if you don’t want to look like a mobile accessories store yourself. 


Step 5

Fashion Faux Pas


The last segment that has to be taken care of when you’re getting ready is your Makeup. It really depends what kind of event you’re attending. If it’s a wedding, makeup plays a very important role. If it’s just a day out with friends, it’s completely optional. If it’s a party or a night out, again makeup is essential. If you’re not a makeup person, check out my post Makeup Essentials For A Decent Makeup that may help you in getting rid of this part much sooner and still resulting in making you look fabulous among many. So, the makeup should be done according to the occasion. If you love it too much, it doesn’t mean it has to be applied everytime you’re stepping out. It’s not too healthy for your skin as well. So, the decision of less makeup, more makeup or no makeup has to be taken wisely.


This is my take on the fashion errors we all end up making. But if we go step by step, we would never feel embarrassed in front of any human existing on this planet.

I hope this information is helpful. If so, feel free to comment or write to me @sarita.lamba.227@gmail.com.

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