Mokko Suites Villa Bali – Month Long Getaway

I talked so much about Bali in my previous posts that it convinced me to make a visit once again. I’m back here with a bang but this time, for an entire month. Yaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Isn’t that great!?

Honestly, this trip was planned while I was writing about Bali on my blog. This place is such that just talking about it gives you goosebumps. Although due to hectic work routine it wasn’t possible to go for an outing, we (I and Hitesh) decided to plan it in a way that our work doesn’t get affected and we still enjoy the trip. And so, we are here, working and enjoying simultaneously. What else would one need?

We found a very beautiful villa in Seminyak to stay in. I have mentioned about Seminyak in my post – Spectacular Bali – Day 1 Of 5. Do give it a read to know why I preferred Seminyak over any other region in Bali. I wanted to book Sanyas Suites Villa again but as we needed to stay for a month, it was going way out of the budget we had set for the hotel. So we booked a room in a villa I can’t recall the name of. It had all those facilities we had at Sanyas Suites Villa. Facilities like kitchenette, private pool, surrounded by nature, and less like a hotel. But we both weren’t satisfied enough that we had to cancel it and booked a room at¬†the Ramada Hotel instead. Hitesh was more interested in a hotel kind of ambiance unlike me, as I wanted to stay around nature. So, I still didn’t give up and kept checking if any good deals are available which would convince both of us to stay.

The prayers were heard by the internet and therefore, Mokko Suites Villa Bali was right there on my phone screen. And when I opened the link, it was just PERFECT! Although I wondered if there’s any T&Cs or some kind of hurdle I might see when the link would open, there wasn’t any! And guess what? It was 20% less than what we were giving at Ramada. We were awestruck! I think this was planned for us and we grabbed it. There is one reason why we had to pay less for such a beautiful villa when the other villas like this were going out of our budget is that this Villa has been opened recently and obviously, in the beginning, having customers would be a priority instead of money. And we jumped on this opportunity like anything! There was still a doubt though because seeing something in pictures and then experiencing it, is totally different, but we were relieved the moment we entered the villa.

The room is exactly the way we wanted it to be. It doesn’t have a private pool though, it eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Had it been a private pool, we would have been feeling isolated and none of us was really looking for that. Being in a room like this is just a perfect setting by the almighty. From my balcony, I can see people passing through and we’ve got a pool view so I see families coming to bathe.

The experience so far is good and I won’t exaggerate for no reason because I and Hitesh, both got sore throats for which we are on medication these days. Perhaps due to change of water and the fluctuating weather here. Sometimes it is rainy and sometimes it is too hot to be able to step out, especially in the afternoon.

I’ll keep on sharing my experiences with you all, just stay right there! ūüôā


Our Room at Mokko Suites Villa Bali

mokko suites villa balimokko suites villa balimokko suites villa bali


Kitchenette at Mokko Suites Villa Bali

mokko suites villa balimokko suites villa bali


Living Area at Mokko Suites Villa Bali

mokko suites villa balimokko suites villa bali


Bathroom  at Mokko Suites Villa Bali

mokko suites villa bali

mokko suites villa bali

mokko suites villa bali

mokko suites villa bali


Dressing Area  at Mokko Suites Villa Bali







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