There are times when you want to loosen up a bit without getting away from your chic side. What possibly can be the best way to achieve that goal is by keeping your thoughts straight enough to know what your body is up to and so your mind. Knowing your body and keeping it aligned with your mind should be the ritual while choosing your costume every day. It is one of the fundamentals, that never makes you end up being uncomfortable or embarrassed by what you decide to put on.

Pairing up this kimono shrug jacket with a combination of a lace camisole and ripped shorts was perfect to hit the bull’s eye. This gave me a bohemian feel that set me free from my intricate mind. Being at a place like Bali, you become a hippie for sure. Keeping the weather in mind and the vibes that constantly pulls you towards liberation.

This was the first time I was stepping out of the hotel premises to revel in the vicinity of Seminyak and this fusion helped me let loose. My moods vary according to the place I’m at and that creates a new definition of my styling. I wore these shorts the second time and totally with a different combination. This kimono jacket too can be styled in few more ways and can be linked with various other outfits or combinations from your wardrobe, depending on your frame of mind. Gone are the days when the laces were used in the nightwear or the nighties. Fashion has become more versatile in nature and you can knit anything with anything really. Fashion is only about panache with the worst of dresses from your closet. This lace camisole was one of the comfiest in mine(not the worst one for sure because I love it!) and was going perfectly with my bohemian style shrug cum jacket. This styling also fits perfectly with the ladies who want to “avoid looking fat”. If so, give a read to my post  Go Thin – Tips And Tricks, which is putting some light on the heart of the matter.

So, this was it. I was ready to rock the day with this lovely mix up of all my favorites from my closet. When you’re in a state of deciding your outfit, make sure you work out a way that leaves you with a blush on your cheeks. That’s what I believe in and practice every day.


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Feel free to share your views in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you all.


Outfit Details:
Open-front Kimono Style Shrug Jacket/ Lace Camisole/ Ripped Shorts- H&M
Floral Slippers: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai


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