Day 2- Jimbaran

The day started off well with a photo shoot which has always been a priority on the list. 😉 I preferred to wear something light as the weather was warm and windy and I didn’t want to mess up my trip. Bali’s season goes from rainy to dry but it never gets cold enough to give you a feel of real winters. This is how you can carry yourself in “December”.


December In Bali


After the photo shoot, 😉 we headed to a restaurant for lunch. We were hungry so we didn’t do much of the research and went with what came along our way. I don’t really remember the name of the restaurant as the food was bad and the service was too slow. We waited for some good time and we were disappointed. And probably this was the reason I don’t remember its name. Though the restaurant looked vibrant so I jumped at the opportunity and got myself clicked. 😉 After all, the beauty of the restaurant was what got us bewildered to enter such a place.



Anyway, after lunch, we headed to Jimbaran. It is a small town in South Bali. We looked for the beach not knowing we’ll end up spending our entire day there. It was doting though, it had its own attractions. There were drinks, good food, good music and not to forget the beach. It was soothing and that’s why we couldn’t drag ourselves to check out any other places. We rested and had so much fun. I think that’s what Bali is all about! You’ll find almost same kind of things everywhere so why not squeeze out the juice of one place completely rather than keep jumping on the other one. It results in nothing but exhaustion.












I didn’t shop much in Bali. I picked up very few things from there which I really wanted to try. One of those was this jasmine flower clip. I still have it in my wardrobe. Of course, it’s artificial but this used to complete the outfits I put on in Bali.












All in all, Jimbaran was fun, doting and unforgettable. The beach feeling had never been so good anywhere else. That’s why we were there until the sunset. The waves, light music, drinks and my love…all were in my favor. 🙂



Jimbaran has not many options in the night so we had to rush to our hotel which was a bit far and we had to travel by our motorbike so we opted to finally leave, followed by a lovely dinner in Seminyak itself. It was a lovely day indeed. 😀 😀 😀


Outfit details
Red shoulder cut-out half sleeves jumpsuit: H&M
Slippers: Heels, Connaught Place
Jasmine flower clip: Jimbaran beach, Bali
Neckpiece: Amaira



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