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This is a bonus article as it was not planned to be written anytime before. I came across few of my old pictures and after looking at them, I got philosophical about we women and how we end up being us. HA-HA!


Simplicity In Fashion


We are never brought up like a woman but eventually, we become one after getting influenced by the society. We live free in our respective childhoods but as we grow up, we tend to become so much aware of all the things we carry on our body. We become conscious of how we look. We start working on ourselves and somehow lose the touch with our real selves.

The society indeed demands a pretty face with a pretty looking weight but should it really be our concern? We want to look good for others and no more for ourselves. And that’s what I’m coming to. Our priority should be us and not any other soul on this planet. We should aim to look good for ourselves. There were times when I didn’t want to get ready in a way I actually got but, just to be able to stand in the crowd, I had to go through some discomfort. But should we be really doing that?


Simplicity In Fashion


The moment I realized this, I stopped putting myself in so much pain just to please some other pair of eyes out there. I went to decent restaurants and places without makeup and in my usual clothes. That gave me confidence, and that’s what has become my style. And since then, I have ceased to impress people through my outer appearance and giving 100% to my inner one. I get ready when I like and I don’t when I don’t.


Simplicity In Fashion


Do contemplate on it a bit and you’d know how unimportant this world is when it comes to giving any meticulous care to it. It really doesn’t matter! So, loosen up!


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