Hello dazzling beauties,

Floral is my new favorite and must be yours as well. And why not? We are no less than flowers. We are soft and delicate just like them. We love to be surrounded by the same level of beauty as we are. And that’s why floral has become our daily lifestyle, at least mine for sure. 🙂



This is vintage A-line floral pleated high waist midi. Hah! The description of my outfit. 😀 😀 😀 It’s like so many dreams are being fulfilled in one single outfit!!!! Wow! 😮 😮




As you all must know by now that I’m not a brand freak, I would like to tell you that this cute midi skirt has been bought from Mumbai’s street market only. The details are mentioned below. Almost the same piece I found in few brands and they were no less than 6000 or 7000 bucks. And mine was just for 1200 bucks! Can you beat that? I prefer to use money efficiently, after all, it’s mine!!!! Why impress people after spending so much of your hard-earned money when you can manage in less? 😉

These pictures below were clicked in Universal Studio, Singapore. Singapore has become one of my favorite destinations so far. I can spend my whole life there, happily. 🙂 Provided, they can hand me their permanent visa. 😀 😀






Outfit details:

A-line floral pleated high waist midi- Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Shoes: Metro

Long-Sleeves black plain round-neck t-shirt- H&M

Neckpiece- H&M


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