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It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog as I was very much busy in setting up something new and that’ll be disclosed soon. But before that, I’d want to share my insights about one of my favorite aspects of home decor. As my blog is not just about fashion anymore, it has become a platform for me to share all the home style ideas too which are one of my favorite things to do.

From the day I’ve gotten into home decorating, cushions have become one of my favorite decorations. It’s not always about the color of your walls that you need to change to make your house look pretty, but just a little bit of change in your home accessories can make a huge impact, just like these cushions do. Cushions bring comfort and tint to your house and so here I am, giving you the 6 best Cushion Cover Design Ideas and Patterns that are a must which will make your home look outstanding.

Let’s begin with the list!


1. Embroidered Cushion CoversHome Design

Embroidered Cushion covers design idea and patterns

Timeless, Eternal and Evergreen are the words that strike my mind when I think about Embroidery and just so you know, embroidery has always been considered as a mark of wealth and status. I’m a big fan of embroidery and anything that’s a part of wealth and status. LOL! So, don’t you wanna live in such a house that speaks class? Embroidered cushion covers are so accommodating that they go with any style of interiors in the house.


2. Floral/Tropical/Botanical Pattern Cushion Covers

FloralTropicalBotanical Cushion covers design idea and patterns

Floral, Tropical or Botanical pattern cushion covers are my usuals now because trust me, they look fabulous on anything you print them on and they bring some natural tone in the house. Go for them and you’ll not regret that.


3. Quirky Cushion Covers

Quirky Cushion covers design idea and patterns

Quirky is a new trend! Don’t you want something that is completely out of the box? Well, quirky can definitely fit in that category. Something unordinary and absolutely original. Quirky patterns are mostly bright and quickly grabs the attention of anyone. So it is advisable to put them in a location where you need some contrast.


4. Geometric Pattern Cushion Covers

Geometric Cushion covers design idea and patterns

Geometric patterns are nothing but seamless repetitive geometric shapes. You’d find a variety of options out there because there is no end to shaping lines. They mostly go with contemporary or modern arrangements.


5. Paisley Pattern Cushion Covers

Paisley Cushion covers design idea and patterns

Boteh Jegheh or Paisley is a Persian design that has been a popular motif for centuries. This pattern mostly goes along with the bohemian settings. If you have a hippie personality, this pattern is definitely for you. Having cushions around that suits your personality is the best thing to do, isn’t it?


6. Plain Cushion Covers

Plain Cushion covers design idea and patterns

The last and most underestimated are the plain cushion covers. You can’t keep patterned cushions everywhere. You need something to balance the patterned ones. Moreover, plain cushion covers also enhance the beauty of the patterned ones.


Keeping in mind the current era and trend, these cushion cover design ideas and patterns are the best picks for your home. Thanks to e-commerce, it is now more convenient to buy trendy cushion covers online. So what are you waiting for?

Do share in the comments if it was helpful, and also don’t hesitate to share pictures of the ones you got, I’d love to see them. 🙂


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