A divinely feminine woman embodies her femininity and every aspect connected to it. Be it in emotional terms, physical or spiritual, a divinely feminine female embraces her originality and portrays her true essence wherever she goes and without being apologetic.

However, in all this fight for equality, women didn’t realize how they fell from their original grace. For ages, women had been treated like a nobody, and their opinions just never mattered. 

They were put under all types of restrictions by not one but almost all religions. Our ancestors made that mistake and our ancestral women endured the injustice.

Even the current generation is not fully spared, we are going through some other challenges on and off and hence the equality fight is in the air. But we are privileged enough to be able to fight for it, unlike our grandparents. We have all the sources and platforms to reinstate our freedom. And many of us have a good support system from our parents, husbands, etc. Hence, the fight has become easier than ever to win. 

Well, all that is true, but why are we women so desperate for equality that we are losing our identity? Women and Men are different. Yes, they are equal, but their uniqueness can never be disregarded.

  • A woman is made like a woman for a reason. Her femininity is her gift. We wear all sorts of clothes that a man does, and we are so tired of being suppressed that we start hiding under a mask. We are trying to look like a man to gain the same freedom and respect in society. But why?
  • You can work and establish a multi-billion dollar business and yet stay in your skin, confidently and proudly. Women don’t have to look like men to gain equality and respect, their femininity is enough weapon to regain their sovereignty. 

A woman embodying her divinely feminine side engages herself in different creative pursuits and value self-expression through various mediums. Lo Stilista will share one of those mediums that will help each woman out there to re-instate her femininity and grace that has been thrown out of her system and left her identity tarnished.


6 changes to your face to embrace your divinely feminine side:


1. Face Sparkle:

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Enhancing your divinely feminine side can begin with a touch of sparkle. Sparkle is a magic that a feminine is made of, so, to reclaim your femininity, you must reclaim the mystique it came up with. Hence, go for iridescent powders or luminous highlighters to highlight key areas of your face. Highlighter brings a subtle respect to your femininity, however, sparkle is unapologetic and loud. It makes no compromise and is bold enough to ask for what it truly deserves.


2. Face Jewels:

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Embracing your beauty and embellishing it with jewels is going to be a spiritually elevating experience for any woman. Any sort of jewels are close to a woman’s heart, hence, decorating your face with these jewels is like celebrating your femininity and bringing out the divine. You can go with silvers, golds, colors, or a blend of all together, depending on your self-expression ways. If you feel shy to experiment in the beginning, start with a little. Just apply two to three stones around your eyes and gradually increase the amount and level of creativity on your face. If people are judging you, remember, it is a good sign, it is a sign that you’ve taken back what was snatched away from you, so, do not hesitate to be you!


3. Vivid Eye Shadows:

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Infuse vibrance on your face by adding captivating colors to your eyes to evoke the dynamic energy of a divine feminine. Choose hues and tints that resonate with you, your inner spirit. Remember, you’re expressing yourself, do not compromise in such an act. Bring out the depths of your soul when you are decorating your eyes or face. People will read you according to this expression, make sure it’s real enough. Play with colors and themes considering the balance between your outfit and your heart.


4. Face Tattoos:

Be it permanent or temporary, designing your face is a trait of an artist. Women are born artists and their creativity raises no questions. Having a tattoo on your face is the boldest way of saying that we are not sorry for being divinely feminine. Creativity is God’s gift to a woman, and not utilizing it is a waste of that creative energy that keeps flowing in us. 


5. Accessorize your face:

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Your divinely feminine side is all decorative and experimenting. It wants to play like a child. A child needs all sorts of props, hence, give it those subtle props to express your spirit and imagination. For your face, those props are accessories such as nose rings and earrings. You can also go for piercings in different areas of your face. The idea is to play and keep the balance.


6. Paint your face:

divine femininity, lostilista, embrace your femininity, sarita nakra, lifestyle magazine, indian

To express your divinely feminine side, you must decorate yourself fully. Play with your eye makeup palettes and draw on your face whatever your heart feels like. Bring out your spirit on your face, it must be as original as it already is. You don’t have to settle for anything less than guidance from your spirit. 

“The more you’re in touch with your soul, the more expressive you become, and the more expressive you are, the more authentic your personality is.”

These creative expressions of yourself make you divinely feminine and showcase the true power of a woman.

Hence, be creative with your face and show the world that you’re not less or equal but so much more than you always truly admitted. Humbleness should only come to your behavior and not to anything else, least of all is your artistic soul, let it breathe for once.

One of the artists that we spoke about is Michelle Lesniak, who totally live by the rule of fashion with emotion. To learn more about her emotive fashion, do check out this article.

Leave masculinity to the men, it is already out of balance, let us not bring it out more, it is causing nothing but destruction in the world.

Be a woman, be bluntly you!

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