Life is harsh, not with you alone though. No one in this world got sheltered from the hail of problems that life rained upon us. Hence, feeling alone and sad is inevitable.

Whether triggered by a major life change, a loss or simply a lack of meaningful connections, the feeling of loneliness can be unbearable and overwhelming. A lot of times it happens due to the changes occurring not outside but in the inner world.

Inside or out, feelings of loneliness are not supposed to be normalized, it should be treated like an illness, a mental illness at that.

“Trust that, you are not alone, nor lonely, you’re just going through a war in your inner world which needs to be ceased to bring you back to life.”

To make the ceasefire possible, Lo Stilista will provide you with some solutions that can guide you through these challenging times, and offer insights and help to get rid of this whole madness.

Let’s work towards knowing and bringing clarity to your life rather than unnecessarily chanting about feeling alone and sad. Trust that you’re not alone!

Follow these guidelines religiously to combat feelings of loneliness.

How to stop feeling sad and alone!

1. Loneliness does not exist:

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As difficult as it is for you to digest this fact, but, loneliness has no real existence. It is an illusion that is created because of your constant chanting about it all the time. You are a product of not your own beliefs, you are a result of so much information that you have come across in your life.

Hence, a continuous flow of knowledge about loneliness brings you to the conclusion that you are feeling alone and sad, as, that’s why you keep telling people or your higher power all the time.

First, you’ll have to stop chanting it, you can’t go ahead with other changes in your life until you stop speaking and hearing about it. Do not even look at it. Start believing in the opposite that, you are never lonely, you are always happy and full by yourself.

Until you do this, it will be impossible for you to get rid of your feelings of loneliness.

2. Journal your thoughts if you’re feeling alone and sad:

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Journaling is one of the best ways you can get the dump out of your system. Write everything, your every thought, every feeling, do not let any thought surpass you, even the most inappropriate ones. You must write and let it out of your system and then, when you are calmer, convert every negative statement into a positive one. Journal when you’re feeling alone and sad, or when you’re angry, and also, when you’re happy.

No matter how big of a lie a positive statement feels sometimes, it does its magic when you need it.

3. Learn to utilize technology, not the other way around:

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Technology is a blessing to all of us, it is a help, a comfort, a servant, and whatnot, only if you know how to not let it overpower you. Technology like your digital phones, laptops, tv, they all add to your personal growth, and your dopamine but the excess of dopamine is not good for your health.

Continuous scrolling and engaging in negative content is a poison to your brain. Absorbing things without conscious permission lets all the garbage go inside your system and what else do you expect to excrete later?

Remember, you’re a human being that comes alive when there is a soul, a body, a brain, a heart, and a mind. All together make you ‘You’. Giving your brain, which controls your body, your emotions, your heart, the junk and expecting it to deliver healthy results, is only the expectations of a foolish man.

Technology numbs your entire system if consumed in excess. Therefore, do not become a slave of it, make it your slave as it is designed to be.
  • Make deliberate efforts to stop yourself from unnecessary scrolling.
  • Try watching TV only when you eat.
  • Just because you have the comfort of technology in your house, doesn’t mean you can’t move your body and do it yourself every once in a while.

4. Social connections:

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If you’re feeling alone and sad, it doesn’t mean you are missing a partner in life. Loneliness kicks in when you are isolated for a longer time. A balance of isolation and social connection is the key to a happy life.

You can’t get rid of people completely if there are disagreements or differences in opinion. The cause of your sadness is not lying in the disagreements but the high expectations you set for other people.

Hence, remove unnecessary expectations that are hindering your path to the fullness of life.

Also, learn to deal with family issues, rather than running away from them. You feel running away from everyone will bring you peace, it is the opposite, and you start feeling alone and sad. Learn to tackle situations rather than fighting and complaining all the time.

Connect with people who might relate to you to balance the negative connections that you can’t get rid of, they will be easier ones to get through in life.

5. Reading habit:

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Inculcate the habit of reading if you don’t like this feeling of loneliness. As they say, books are your best friend, it is not said in vain. Books, really, are your best friends.

Do you know who isn’t your best friend? The one you can’t connect with. It’s the same thing with the books. Just because you can’t connect with a few books that everyone can, doesn’t mean that they can’t become your best friend. It is just that you haven’t yet met your lot, that’s all.

Keep searching for your lot, and keep finding books that seek your attention. When you’re in a bookstore, go with your instincts, and pick whatever your heart guides you to pick, that is the one that might be calling you to become your friend.

Hence, choose your books yourself, and if after reading a few pages, you can’t feel like continuing, let them go as quickly as a wink.

Also, you can start with thriller or detective novels, they arouse your interest faster than any other genre out there.

There are many benefits of reading that you’re missing in life and to know about them all, read the article “Why Is It Important To Read? Here Are 4 Relevant Reasons!“, it will help you gain a deeper insight into the benefits of reading.

6. Knowledge and Awareness:

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Well, get out of the delusional world and be present in a practical one that is being unfolded in front of you all the time.

Being aware of things happening around you is a must. Your lack of general knowledge about the world and current affairs also separates you from the world. When you don’t know much, people often avoid your company considering you dumb, which is not what you actually are. And as a result, you get isolated which further leads to feelings of loneliness.

Hence, to avoid that, just fill your system with some basic general knowledge, people around you will be impressed and would like to keep you company and you will eventually stop feeling alone and sad.

7. Volunteer and join communities:

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To get rid of feelings of loneliness, you can engage in volunteer work such as environmental initiatives, societal initiatives, community projects, etc. There are so many problems in the world, and not many people to sort them out. There are so many NGOs out there that are looking for help, becoming a part of such groups will give you a sense of fulfillment. Loneliness, then, will only remain at bay.

8. Healing and Wellness:

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Do not take it lightly. If you’re feeling alone and sad all the time, there must be something going on with you. It is not always about being positive, sometimes you must come face-to-face with reality. Your feelings are your guide, they inform you about the wrongs going on inside your body, heart, and your mind. Feelings exist for a reason, since, the world is operating in an automated mode, feeling alone and sad is a given, but it is not always about the world in general. Your life has a history, if it remains unresolved, it keeps coming back at you. You need to resolve which you can do by,

  • Seeking professional help like counseling, therapy, etc.
  • Making meditation your daily routine.
  • Exercising, running, walking, or dancing, or, engaging in some physical movement activities.

Feeling super lonely is a challenging and often distressing experience, but it’s crucial to recognize that there are ways you can alleviate these feelings.

Remember that overcoming loneliness is a gradual process, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories along the way. By incorporating these guidelines into your life, you can begin to build meaningful connections, foster a sense of belonging, and navigate the path toward a happier, fuller life.


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