I’m amazed by the fact that how just a piece of cloth with some printed design on it can change your entire look. This tunic outfit gives me exactly that feeling of amazement. I had a glimpse of it and I just grabbed it. A dress that’s too easy to carry and still manages to make you look wonderful. Not just this dress, but if you check out other tunic dresses as well, you’ll know what I’m saying. This one is cotton though (not 100%), you can’t afford to wear any other material when you’re in Bali, especially in afternoon.

This one I got from Bugis Street and the moment I saw this, I knew it’s going home with me. So far I’ve explored in Delhi, tunics are mainly available with AND but it won’t offer you the same price I was offered at Bugis Street. It was obviously very cheap, that’s what the market is all about. Blend of floral and butterflies with baroque-like print and tassel ties on the neck brings me closer to the tribal look. 99.99% of the time I’m not looking for any particular look but I end up in one for sure. Most of the time I buy stuff just because it looks pretty or unique to my eyes, I think that’s what we all do. But I always crave to look for something that’s not too ordinary. And if I buy something usual, it’s either for home casuals or I’m aiming to experiment with it by mixing and matching something with it.

The danglers I’m wearing with the tunic is one of the adorable ones in my collection so far that’s supporting my tribal look. Having a baroque kind of detailing with the colorful feathers, it was going superbly well with my tunic. It seemed that it was designed considering this outfit in mind, OR, if I don’t underestimate myself more, I chose to put them on together is the reason for their lovely coordination. And guess where I got this from???? Mmmmm…Think!!?? Nuh-uh, Not Bugis street! The other one! Yeah, now you’re talking!  It’s Sarojini! Perfect! HA-HA-HA! Trust me, if you take out some time from your busy schedule and give your 100% at Sarojini, you can yourself become one of the leading fashionistas. You just have to look carefully and you can actually go home with some really good stuff.

Also, I’ve got these wedge sandals, which I decided to wear with my tunic dress, from Kamla Nagar Market. I really can’t recall which brand was it, but I remember it was in Kamla Nagar. Check out the market which has quite decent stuff to offer in a very nominal range, especially if you’re looking to buy some ladies salwar-kameez or the footwear. The market has almost everything you can think of but I prefer to go only for these two.

Goal! This whole combination completed my look for the day and I felt the prettiest and the comfiest creature on the planet. Hope you enjoy the pics!

I’m very much excited to show you all the outfits I got from Lulu&Sky which are my recent found love and if you wanna have a look, just hang in right there. 🙂




tunic tunic


tunic tunic

tunic tunictunic tunic tunictunic


Outfit Details:
Tunic Floral-Baroque Dress- Bugis Street, Singapore
Watch- Titan
White Wedge Sandals- Kamla Nagar
Tribal-looking danglers- Sarojini Market



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