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The world of fashion is evolving and so is my makeup kit. Bringing new things and being amazed by the wonders it does on my face overwhelms me with emotions (being a little dramatic). 😛 I was not much into makeup but I never realized when I was dragged towards it. It is just like painting my face to make it prettier. So, joining the community of painters, I gradually gathered some good makeup products which are essential for a complete makeup.

Talking about makeup, the first thing that strikes is the base which is the essential part of a good makeup. Therefore, I recently bought a Colorbar Primer – Perfect Match that’s giving great results so far. This Colorbar Primer comes in an inverted white bottle with a silver cap and a nozzle dispenser.

I heard about its gel-like consistency before I had this primer but the experience is creamier than the reviews. It’s transparent in shade and it just blends on my skin. Talking about acne, this Colorbar Primer doesn’t solve that problem though, it definitely blurs them out. The quantity required for a single application is very less, I’ve also shared that in a picture below.


colorbar primer colorbar primer colorbar primer colorbar primer

What I “LIKE” about this Colorbar Primer?

1. It’s very much velvety and smooth that my hands just slip after its application.

2. It’s for all skin types so the girls out there with oily skin need not worry. I’ve got a bit oily skin too and it’s suiting me very well.

3. It’s transparent so it doesn’t destroy the effect of my concealer or the foundation, that’s what I love about this product.

4. I find a glow on my skin after my makeup is done.

5. It lasts longer than I expected it to.

6. The rest of the steps of the makeup gets easier considering its satin-touch that makes the face greasy and shiny.

7. I give 10/10 for the sleek packaging that makes it easy to carry and for its nozzle dispenser that helps to prevent any kind of wastage.

8. It’s nominal.

What I “DON’T LIKE” about this Colorbar Primer?

I should have got this before. Yeah! So far that’s the only cons it has.



Would I recommend this Colorbar Primer – Perfect Match?

No doubt about that! Definitely! Give it a try!


Do let me know if you buy this product or share your personal thoughts on the same. Also, tell me in comments if my review on this Colorbar Primer was of any help to you guys. I’ll keep coming back to guide you as aptly as possible.

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