Spring, a time of rejuvenation and renewal, has always been my favorite season considering its nature of a moderate weather and the only time in a year when you see so many gorgeous flowers around. The vibes of this season are such that it somewhere makes me connect with the Almighty. Every season offers something unique about itself but the kind of uniqueness spring offers is what I like about this season. The always-blowing cool wind, moderate weather, so many red oak trees (I just loooove ’em), the only time when the beauty of the city is at the highest peak. That’s my take on it- You might think a bit different but that’s really okay, our differences are what that helps nature to balance.

The closer it gets to summer, the closer it is to lose all the red leaves on those oak trees keeping me a little sad about the fact that it has to get rid of those charming leaves to regain its strength by shedding the old (red) ones on the verge of emerging the new (green) ones. I never tried to get deep into it practically but philosophically. Yes, spring is the time that makes me more philosophical in life. It brings me closer to myself and makes me introspect a little. Being in Bali this year, I missed the sight of this season in Delhi but the current weather in Bali has compensated for that. You must be thinking I’m talking rubbish. Being in paradise, I’m giving more weight to a polluted, not in very good condition, city, but that’s what it is. No matter how bad your house looks, you still can’t compare it with Antilia because that bad house is your home, where you were born and brought up for so many years, where you feel secure, loved and pampered and no big house can cover it up.

Not knowing about the trip, I got some stuff for this season which I’m utilizing here in Bali now. Spring, for me, is only about flowers and colors. And you must have concluded my love for florals by now. Hence, that explains my outfit. I’m wearing this black floral off-shoulder top which I bought from Bugis Street- Singapore. I got one more like this in a different color though. I was waiting to wear it at the right moment. For me, right moment is nothing but when it feels right to wear any particular piece of cloth or accessory. It should go with the mood, only then it can make you feel comfortable and confident. This was a “no makeup” and “fuck what everyone thinks” kind of day for me and I abide by my inner voice. I did no makeup except a lipstick and an eye pencil (which I don’t call a true makeup because that’s the basic for a hangout {for me}) and like many other days, my only accessories were my earrings. These ones I got from Sarojini Market for hardly Rs.70.

I’m more male-like female. The thought of writing about fashion never arose to me in my life but trust me, it was never a hurdle while sharing even the miniature of details of any of my outfits I wore. I never knew that it’s in me. I loved to shuffle things up from my wardrobe but being an introvert I was always hesitant in doing this in the front-end. I always played with the stuff I own (you know what I mean) when I was in solitude. I still do it but most of the time I end up wearing it the ordinary way while leaving home. That’s because the society made me something I never was and don’t let me stay what I really am. The moment you step out in a city like Delhi, you become careful and conscious that makes you not try anything different to avoid any kind of harassments and you’re definitely bombarded with judgments from the elderly community as their “wise advice”. We’re living in a society that’s considering men as God while praying to women like Laxmi, Durga, Parvati, etc. I saw a video which said (don’t remember exactly who): “this society can’t set the women free so it puts them in a position of God and bound them with duties to perform”. That’s why they say when a girl child is born, “Ghar me Laxmi aai hai”. Women, unfortunately, move from fashion to depression when this kind of reality hits. But I’m learning how to ignore what “NEEDS” to be ignored and took it as a challenge to always listen to my instinct and keep the ladder of my growth alive no matter what pair of eyes are against the tide.

Anyway, the only reason I started with this in the first place is while telling you about my masculine side and that came up because of the huge danglers I’m wearing with the outfit. The huger they are, the bolder it portrays your personality as which is quite “uncomfortable” for the society. I always loved earrings as a part of the accessories. There are also days when I hardly wear any accessories but this was not one of them. To be very honest, these earrings with this particular chosen pair of shorts and off-shoulder blouse made all the difference. It changed my entire appearance to a bolder one matching it up with a bun. It happened aimlessly though, looked decent enough to keep it like that and then wearing Diva-Mac lipstick was literally 😛 a cherry on top. Also, I’m carrying this pretty bag I got from Padini- Genting, Malaysia. This is one of my favorites in my closet and this was the first time I took it out. It is white so I avoided using it in Delhi because being a lazy worm, not using it for a while was better than cleaning it (which is a “must-to-do” considering its color and where I stay). Wearing the same slippers and blue ripped denim shorts I talked about earlier as well and are the most comfortable ones in my collection for a place like Bali and I don’t hesitate while repeating them in my blog.

So, that’s about it for a usual unplanned hangout in Bali. Feel free to share if you have any say on this, I’d love to hear your opinion on any of my shared thoughts. 🙂



Outfit Details
Black floral off-shoulder top- Bugis Street, Singapore
Black tassel earrings- Sarojini Market
Blue denim ripped shorts- Sarojini Market
Floral Slippers- Colaba Causeway, Mumbai


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