As the day went dead silent due to Nyepi Day in Bali, I tried to be as loud as I could be in cooking terms. 😛 I thought to share some pictures of the day with you all. The entire day went cooking and working and watching television. The pool was one option I should have opted for and many other guests in the hotel were already doing that and made me crave for it too, but the day was completely exhausted by work and cooking my favorite meal “Rajma Chawal”. Though it was not as good as my mom makes, I still managed to cook it well. I was happy with the fact that I and Hitesh didn’t end up being hungry because that’s all we had for the lunch. Had it been gone wrong, we’d have to manage with Indomie (Indonesian Maggie) all day. 😀 😀 That’s what we planned to have for the dinner.

For those who don’t know much about “Nyepi Day”, which is celebrated as “New Year”, let me put some light on this for you. The day is considered as the day of atonement when residents of Bali stay silent all day, or they speak as limited as possible (which I personally cherish about this festival). The logic behind it all is just that the Bali residents believe that this is the time when they can wash all bad thoughts and deeds from their minds and hearts and they can plead with God to get themselves and the universe purified. That’s why they create “Ogoh Ogoh” a day prior to Nyepi, which is nothing but the statues built for the Ngrupuk parade that represents all the evil spirits and bad vibes around. There is more in the article that has been published today in Hindustan Times about the same, give a read.

Anyway, the day went staying in the room all day but the night’s gone darker than imagined. We thought there would be limited lights but there were seriously NO lights at all in the hotel. It was told that there would be no Wifi, luckily it wasn’t true and the day went better than imagined. Television was not showing Indonesian channels and we were good with that because we were anyway not looking forward to watching any. Electricity was being granted in the rooms and instructions have been given for very limited lights. That’s why it was dead dark when we stepped out on our balcony. We could see numerous stars twinkling in the sky probably because of no lights anywhere in Bali. I apologize for not having a camera that could capture the hell of a sight. Also, the clicks I managed to take, I’m sharing with you all, check them out!





nyepinyepinyepi nyepi



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