Here comes the last day of such an amazing trip I’ve ever been to. The reason behind me expressing my experience in parts is because Bali is not a place where you just go and have fun and come back like you had a trip. Bali changes something in you for sure. It brings you a bit closer to the Almighty in some way. It’s not always about chilling and relaxing but feeling really good inside like there is no worry in the world. It gives you that level of inside comfort.

Last day we spent entirely in Ubud, and we regretted that very much. Ubud is much closer to Bali’s real traditions. Real estate has taken over other parts of Bali but Ubud still gives you the essence of real Bali. It’s so peaceful and pretty, that if you ever visit Bali, do keep ample of time for Ubud. Thumbs Up: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Monkey Forest


We started our day early this time as we had to go to a lot of places in Ubud. We began with Monkey Forest followed by some coffee at Luwak Kopi Plantation. So here comes an interesting fact about Luwak Kopi. Luwak means “Civet” and Kopi means “Coffee”. Luwak Kopi is prepared by using the excreted coffee cherries of the mammal “Asian Palm Civet“. It has a process though and you don’t have to drink the excretion directly. It had some rice fields and some different kind of spices which can be purchased at the place. Luwak Kopi is quite expensive but not unaffordable. We tried the coffee and some flavored teas as well and it was a wonderful experience overall.OK Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Luwak KopiBali


Flavoured Teas



The guide at the PlantationBali


Rice Fields



Luwak Kopi Bali Plantation



And, as promised, here comes the picture of Wayan  🙂




As we were hungry, we headed to Warung Makan Bu Rus restaurant. It was very nominal but close to Bali’s traditional food. Though being a vegetarian then, I was reluctant to ever try their core traditional food which is made of pork so we went ahead with egg and chicken meals. It didn’t taste like a restaurant food though, it was delicious enough to be savored, and I loved their traditional seating which is “on the floor”.


Warung Makan Bu Rus



Later, we went to Goa Gajah which is an elephant cave followed by the temples “Taman Ayun” and “Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal“. The temples were so much engraved in nature that I didn’t leave a chance to rejoice in its beauty and so my husband, being very religious, didn’t leave a chance to bow down to any of the statues of the deity. It was hilarious seeing him like that.Rolling on the Floor LaughingRolling on the Floor LaughingRolling on the Floor Laughing


Taman Ayun Temple




Goa GajahBali



Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple



Later, before reaching our villa, we went to meet Wayan’s family which is consisted of his wife and their very cute daughter. They were very nice and big fans of Shah Rukh Khan, the only actor Bali people are aware of and are fans of. The trip ended beautifully. Wayan dropped us at the airport and being so kind, he didn’t take any money for dropping us to the airport even after insisting as he considered to drop us as a friend rather than our driver. He got us some lovely gifts as the sign of his love and that’s what you see in Bali. People are very genuine, loving and caring. It was adorable.Two Hearts

The trip ended beautifully and left an impact on us like no other trip had ever before. Woman Gesturing OK: Medium-Light Skin Tone


 In the planeBali


Outfit Details
White  cotton half-net top & Blue ripped shorts: H&M
Slippers: Heels, CP
Belt: Local market nearby






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