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Do you know that makeup is not really as complicated as it seems? Thinking Face Yes, there are a hell lot of steps to be taken and items that are required for a makeup but, if you’re in hurry, or you really do not wanna waste much of your time to beautify yourself, you can still manage to look amazing with these minimal steps. Only 7 essential items from your makeup kit are required, and, you’re done! 🙂 Thumbs Up: Medium-Light Skin Tone

I came up with this idea only after being inspired by the Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. She has always been my inspiration when it comes to beauty. She manages to look flawless almost everytime. When she was asked for some makeup tips, she revealed 4 main items that she uses and is good to go with. But, as per my experience, I’ve added 3 more realistic ones to my makeup essentials list which can further help you enhance your ordinary look and is good to go with the parties look as well. Woman Tipping Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Makeup Essentials List:

Item #1


makeup essentials list


How can I miss this one if you’re looking forward to a clean makeup? Foundations are not just to elevate the color of your skin but also to conceal all your acne and pimples. You shouldn’t be ashamed of what’s natural to your skin, however, these things only act as a turn off when you’re going to a party or a night out. Acne will reduce the impact of the efforts you might put on the entire process of makeup. So I won’t suggest you to always go for it, but if you’re going for the night events, make sure you do put on at least a layer of it. Don’t put much so as to avoid having a mature and cakey face. Also, you can replace it with the BB cream if a foundation is too much for you. It pretty much acts the same way but healthier than a basic foundation for your skin. It is the base so it is a MUST in your makeup essentials list.


Item #2


makeup essentials list


Eyes play an important role in your makeup. If worked well, they can change your entire look in a better way. If you give more attention to your eyes, half of your makeup is already done. With that comes item#2, Eye Pencil. Eye pencil plays a significant role as it gives definition to your eyes. This is a must in my bag. No matter if I’m applying much of the makeup or not, this is one thing that has to be applied every single day. I’ve been using this Lakme Eyeconic for some time, and it’s working quite really well. Clapping Hands: Medium-Light Skin ToneClapping Hands: Medium-Light Skin ToneClapping Hands: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Item #3


makeup essentials list


The third most important thing that comes into the picture is an Eyeliner, especially when you’re heading to a party or something. Eyeliners are not necessary for everyday makeup but if you’re heading to a party or night outs, they play a key role. Here, I’m not talking about the basic black eyeliner but contrast shades that gives you an eyeshadow effect. You can use these eyeliners as an eyeshadow as well. I’ve been using this Colorbar peacock throne 014 lately and I’m in love with it. It prettifies your look more than you can imagine. I’ve started to add more to the list already, but this one is my favorite so far. Face Blowing a Kiss


Item #4


makeup essentials list


Mascara gives a finishing touch to your eyes by defining your lashes and making them look bigger than normal. Mascara is nothing but an illusion of the length of your lashes. It’s hard to leave without applying it as it adds sparkle to your eyes. I’ve used Maybelline for a very long time, and I wanted to try some other brand. Hence, I got this Givenchy’s Black Satin Noir Couture Mascara from Sephora which helps me to curl up, lengthen & volumize my lashes. I’m voluntarily stuck with this one now. Star-StruckStar-StruckStar-Struck


Item #5


makeup essentials list


This is not a mandate one for regular makeup, but if you’re going to the party, Lip Liner does help you immensely. How? Try it once! This was not in Katty’s list though, this is in mine. Smiling Face Always keep one or two neutral lip liner shades in your kit, as this one is to enhance your lips. It prolongs the wear of your lipstick, prevent your lips from color feathering, and give definition to your lips. Use neutral shades if you can’t buy so many. This has been recently added to my kit, and it’s working wonders. Woman Gesturing OK: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Item #6


makeup essentials list


This one is the obvious one. Lipstick. I’m using this since my school days and I’m sure every girl can relate to it. Our mothers have been our inspiration on the same. We all grow up seeing our moms wearing a variety of them and we always loved to copy them. I don’t need to mention any plus points of the same as this one is an obvious and MANDATE in our makeup essentials list. At least, I can’t leave home without having it my bag.


Item #7


makeup essentials list

Makeup Essentials


Last and not the least, is a Highlighter. Its job is to add the glow to your face. Since the day I read Katrina’s tips on makeup, I wished to buy one soon. This comes in her routine makeup. I never knew it before about its existence. And the moment I came across such thing, it was added to my wishlist. And so, later, I got my first ever highlighter from MAC. This one I picked only because it’s a rose gold kind of shade that works on all skin tones. This one is also being used by many makeup artists for their bridal makeups. This highlighter gives me goosebumps when I see it in my hands, It was a dream at some point in time. Hugging Face


I hope this information helps as it has come by experience. Trust me, if you try this once properly, you’d be amazed by the result and probably become your essential items in your makeup kit. These items are enough for a party makeup and these together won’t let you down in front of your friends who are all packed up with makeup. Chances are that you end up looking the best. 🙂OK Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone


Tip: If you’re desperate to not leave a blush for your cheekbones, use your lipstick as a substitute. 🙂 This way you can remain intact with your makeup essentials list.

Also, do let me know if this helped and share your pictures whenever you try this trick hun! 😀








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