As the countdown begins, we become ready with a list of New Year resolutions in our hands, the resolutions that do not work out beyond 2 or 3 days, or max a week. 

Yet, we are again ready with the next list in the next year. Why do you think that is?

The answers lie in the profound impact that setting and keeping resolutions can have on one’s life.

First, the act of coming up with New Year resolutions is an acknowledgment of the human desire for growth and personal development. It is an affirmation that we are not content with the status quo, and, hence, aspire to be better versions of ourselves.

“The new year comes as a clean slate for a restart. It feels easier to let go of the past and start afresh. “

Resolutions are often abandoned within the first few weeks of the year, which leads to disappointment and failure. However, the key to the success of New Year resolutions lies in realistic goal-setting. 

By approaching resolutions with a balanced perspective and understanding that setbacks are a part of the journey, we can follow a list that is doable and quite practical to implement.

Here is a list of New Year resolutions that are going to be needed in the current times. You don’t have to follow the list blindly, go with your heart and make sure you have worked out the checklist first.

Checklist before starting with New Year Resolutions

  • Understand your likes and dislikes
  • Know your limitations
  • Be open-minded to try new things.
  • You don’t have to follow the list every day, do it as your body and mind allow,
  • Always push yourself one step ahead.

Once you have ticked on everything in the checklist, then you may begin with the best one from the list below.

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List of New Year Resolutions

1. Heal:

This should be your priority. Your healing is important and should come above everything. Your happiness is very important.

2. Stop judging:

Make this one of your New Year’s resolutions to not judge anyone anymore. Everyone is struggling mentally no matter how happy their faces look, else the world would not be such a sad place.

3. Do things that bring you joy:

Do more things that always bring you joy. Since childhood you must have observed a few things that brighten the light of your soul, do it more and more, it is a path towards your destiny.

4. Learn about random topics every day:

Yes, learn, wherever your heart takes you, wherever you feel interested, do not let it go thinking it is of no need for you. You must learn for the sake of gaining knowledge.

5. Learn a new skill:

Enroll in a new skill, artistic or technical, or anything else for that matter, but learn and add something to your resume, not just your professional one but your personal resume which talks about you entirely as a living being.

6. Learn a new language:

You must learn a new language, it will open your brain to new cultures, and new territories. It is easier to judge sitting online than being in the shoes of people who are part of other cultures. We cannot deny their presence if God created all of us in the first place.

7. Enroll in a hobby:

This is too personal and an enjoyable endeavor you must participate in. Follow your heart, and engage yourself in these simple things that have the power to change your life.

8. Work out every day, even if it is for 20 minutes or dance:

You must learn to move often. Whether you dance, go for a run, jump, walk, exercise, or do yoga, engage in some physical activity. Here is why working out is crucial.

9. Meditate each day for at least 10 mins:

Meditate if possible, begin with 10 mins, and gradually increase the time if you feel like it, but 10 mins should be a given.

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10. Cut down on alcohol’s quantity:

We are not asking you to leave it entirely, but you can at least cut down a little more than you usually take. It will help your body to breathe life.

11. Cut down on sugar:

Sugar is not healthy, but you don’t have to avoid it completely. Just lessen the portion, eat a little less than before and if you do it every year, within years you will see huge changes in your body.

12. Eat 20% less than you normally do:

Never fill your stomach, and learn to leave some space, it will help you concentrate well on your work as you will never feel sleepy again and also you can achieve a flat tummy.

13. Be kind to others:

Learn to be kinder with people. Learn to be more polite and respectful towards others.

14. Smile often:

Please, you must learn to smile. Do not hold this gift that is so freely granted to you.

“Life is tough for everyone, smile makes it a little better.”

15. Be considerate and thoughtful:

Be thoughtful and considerate of other feelings. This would be one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can take. This is the reason why we just can’t adapt to other people anymore.

16. Speak as few lies as possible:

Maybe you can’t be honest all the time but do not make it a habit. Practice making as many truths as possible, not to hurt others though. Just create a balance between your and other people’s feelings.

17. Become a good listener:

For a change, listen to others. You don’t always have to share your story, give a listening ear to others as well.

18. Accept the differences:

Appreciate the differences. Every flower grown on the planet is beautiful and no flower is better than the other.

19. Learn to judge a person from his actions not words:

Do not depend on words to understand the other person, words mislead and misguide from the real. 

20. Pamper yourself more:

Pamper yourself like a baby, and do more things you enjoy.

21. Learn to speak only good about yourself:

Words have power, they can make things or break things. Choose them carefully, especially when you’re speaking to yourself. 

22. Give more hugs to kids:

Meet kids often and hug them tightly, they are the purest form of God alive on earth.

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23. Read the books you enjoy:

Read and read books that interest you. If the first 20 pages do not push you to go further, leave it and pick a new one. But, read! Here is why you must start a habit of reaading.

24. Journal your thoughts every day:

Write down your thoughts. A human has 60,000 thoughts per day, you don’t know what’s going on in your brain until you write it down clearly.

25. Stop eating junk food:

Stop or lessen the junk food when you enter this new year. Make your health a priority.

26. Decorate your house the way you want:

Live where you like to live, where you feel at home. Keep the arrangement of your house as you want to, not as what people would like, but stay tidy.

27. Practice sketching random things:

Buy a small notebook and keep a pen in the bag, learn to scribble and draw stuff you see when you get the space of time in the day.

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28. Buy more candles:

Keep your house light, warm, and full of fragrance, it does wonders for your mood. Hence, keep a New Year resolution to buy more candles in 2024.

29. Learn to sit idle and do nothing:

Do not even think, for at least 15 mins. These empty spaces connect you with yourself and increase your creativity.

30. Enroll in a sports activity:

Enroll in some sports activities that you may enjoy.

31. Visit a salon or a massage center once a month:

You are not a donkey and hence, not supposed to work like a donkey. Give yourself some breaks and make yourself be treated like a Queen/King.

32. Walk more:

Walk as much as possible, outside or inside.

33. Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators:

Make it your New Year’s resolution to take as many stairs as possible, it will save you from future health issues.

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34. Sleep for at least 7 hours every day:

Have a good amount of sleep every single day if you want to glow and grow in life.

35. Drink more water:

Drink more water in the coming year, fill a bottle in the morning, and keep it with you all day.

36. Attend various related or unrelated events:

Attend various events to broaden your horizons and build diverse connections. 

37. Volunteer for a cause your heart stands for:

Volunteer for a cause close to your heart to make a positive impact on the community.

38. Say ‘Thank you God’ every day for the things you are blessed with:

Express gratitude daily for your blessings, fostering a positive mindset.

39. Attend networking events:

Attend networking events to enhance professional relationships and opportunities.

40. Learn time management:

Learn effective time management skills to maximize productivity.

41. Save a percentage of money and invest in mutual funds

Do it for your financial growth.

42. Pay off debts and lessen your mental burden:

To achieve financial freedom, you must pay off all your debts. Debts won’t take you a long way.

43. Explore additional income streams:

To diversify your financial portfolio, look for more financial opportunities that you can do well with.

44. Be authentic:

Cultivate authenticity in your actions and interactions.

45. Mend broken relationships:

Do not hesitate to make it your resolution, this will solve half of your problems. Mend broken relationships by addressing issues and misunderstandings.

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46. Spend quality time with family:

Prioritize some quality time with family to strengthen your bond with them. There’s no happiness without a family, no matter how imperfect it is, it still belongs to you, it is something you can call your own in this strange mean world.

47. Stop the gossiping habit:

Break the habit of gossiping, and encourage a positive social environment. It will keep you more peaceful in life.

48. Travel more and travel alone:

Travel solo to discover new perspectives, and also to understand yourself more.

49. Don’t buy unnecessarily:

Avoid unnecessary expenses to save and invest wisely.

50. Do not engage with negativity:

People are very negative these days, so avoid being one of them. Incline more towards positivity and engage in only positive, healthy, and fruitful conversations.

51. Learn to post less about your life:

Share online but not for validation. Post as little as possible to keep the energy around your things positive. Evil forces in other people sometimes affect your life when you post too much.

52. Buy a plant and take care of it like a baby:

Nurture a plant, take complete responsibility, and care for it like a baby.

53. Eat more home-cooked food:

Increase the amount of home-cooked meals for better health.

54. Donate clothes you never wear:

You must donate unused clothes to contribute to those in need.

55. Change something around your face:

Alter your appearance like a haircut, piercing, tattoo, etc. can give you a new look entirely.

56. Practice facing your fears:

You must learn to face your fears if you want to be successful. The more you go away from your fears, the more you are away from real success in life, financial, spiritual, or mental.

57. Quit smoking:

You must incorporate this in your New Year’s resolutions list. Either lessen it gradually or quit just like that, but you must let go of that cigarette that is hurting your body.

58. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables:

incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet for a balanced lifestyle in this new year.

59. Live clutter-free, and stay organized:

Maintain an organized living space for clarity of mind. The more the organized surroundings, the more clarity in life.

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60. Become disciplined:

Develop discipline if you want something in life, without discipline you can’t think of achieving your desires.

61. Learn to wake up early:

Fresh mornings are always more productive than late nights. Cultivate the habit of waking up early, it will help you finish more tasks than you can think of. Waking up early is one of the best things you can do to yourself.

62. Learn to stay away from your phone:

Try to keep it away from you, keep it on general mode, and use it only when it pings.

63. Switch off all notifications on your phone, especially of social apps:

Switch the auto-on notifications, especially the non-urgent ones like social media. They lure you to open them. Save yourself.

64. Interact less with people who never accept their fault:

Be less available to people who only approach you when they need you and are absent when you need them. Also, those who always blame you for their troubles instead of maturely understanding the wrongs of both.

65. Have current awareness:

Stay informed with current events but keep a balance; constant awareness may lead to information overload and impact your mental health.

66. Take more citrus:

The most natural vitamin C. It keeps your skin young and youthful and also helps in weight loss. Consume it often in 2024.

67. Attend more workshops and gain exposure to everything:

Make a New Year resolution to attend all workshops that lures your attention. Gain exposure to everything your heart leads to.

68. Practice no complaining:

Practice no complaining in this new year. Well, you’d still complain, but try not to engage much in a pattern that spirals and never does you better.

69. Learn to say NO:

The most important New Year resolution is to learn to say NO. You must not say yes to things that don’t align with your heart until it is the need of the hour. Stand for your soul, say no, but with a smile.

70. Learn a musical instrument:

In this new year, enroll yourself in exploring the realms of music. There are so many instruments out there, you can pick what you’re most attracted to and begin practicing with a group.

Remember, the list mentioned above is the most practical one and is a need of the moment.

Note: Do not be TOO HARD on yourself.

Take it a little lightly to be able to implement these in your life. You don’t have to do everything but start with one habit at a time. 

Have a happy new year!

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