‘It Ends with Us’ is a dig into love, resilience, and the distressing cycle of domestic abuse. The book was published in 2016, a contemporary romance novel, that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional genre. It created a narrative that is both heart-rending and empowering.

As a reader, when you delve into the intricacies of the character’s life, it would feel like peeling back layers of reality and exposing the raw, and painful truths of childhood.

The book digs deeper into the childhood trauma that we all somehow go through.

Main Character

The main character, Lily Bloom, is a young woman with dreams and a relentless determination to shape her destiny her way. Hoover introduces us to Lily’s world, where her past interferes with her present life, molding her choices and dominating her perceptions of love.

Lily is in a complex love triangle between her first love, Atlas Corrigan, and the successful neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid.

What sets “It Ends with Us” apart is its exploration of domestic violence. Hoover approaches this delicate subject with all the sensitivity and fine distinction. Her book invites us all to witness the devastating impact of abuse on Lily’s mind and her life.

Through Lily’s perspectives, we gain insight into the complications of abusive relationships and the internal struggles that many face when attempting to break free of them.

Lily’s character is the heartbeat of the novel.

She was a resilient and relatable protagonist for us all whose journey becomes a reflection of the strength that is required to rise above the adversities.

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Lily had a journal that explained her journey from the past and it gave the reader insight into where she was coming from. How her past was defining and influencing her future decisions when it came to relationships and her growth. If you have been a victim of childhood abuse, it is a must-read to understand how our past is influencing our present as well as the future.

Lily’s journal entries provide a peek into her thoughts and emotions. These journal entries become a narrative source, guiding us through her growth and self-discovery.

The Title

The title ‘It Ends with Us’ is a perfect one to use as it highlights its significance gradually in the book. It is not easy to break the generational curses, such as childhood abuse, that come as a package to many.

Lily, on the other hand, learns to break free from that cycle and that explains why the title has to be ‘It ends with us’. It has to end somewhere, so it ends with us!

Through Lily’s eyes, we witness the power of self-love, resilience, and the courage it takes to make hard decisions for the sake of one’s well-being and future.

Other Characters

The characters in the novel are crafted very well. They all contribute to the richness of the narrative. Lily’s interactions with Atlas and Ryle are driven emotionally, which shows love, sacrifice, and the vague lines between right and wrong.

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Lily’s mother plays a key role in the narrative. Her decision to leave Lily’s father becomes a turning point in the story. Hoover handles this aspect with a delicacy. It presents the challenges of adult relationships and the impact of decisions taken by parents on their children. The representation of Lily’s mother leaving her father shows the ripple effects of domestic turbulence on future generations.

Writing Skills

Hoover’s writing style is a demonstration of her storytelling skills and her writing is very engaging. The story captures the emotional essence of the characters with a raw authenticity, which is rare to witness.

There was well-crafted suspense to hook the readers until the very end. As we go on, the novel strips off the layers of the laden past and gradually untangles it with love and understanding of relationships and everything it comes with.

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What makes “It Ends with Us” particularly impactful is because of its human touch. The characters and their struggles feel very relatable. Colleen Hoover doesn’t shy away from showing the imperfections of love.

The novel is a reflection on our own experiences, it challenges the societal norms that surround relationships and pushes us to dig deeper into ourselves.

Hence, “It Ends with Us” is a powerful and thought-provoking novel as it widens the horizon of traditional romance or love. The book resonates with us on a personal level for sure.

Through the eyes of Lily, we witness the strength within us to break free from the chains of an abusive past that many of us go through. It creates a path toward self-discovery and healing. We all MUST heal if we really want to break the cycles that are affecting our journey.

This book is also a testimony to the level of endurance humans possess and it shows the power of love, even in the face of adversity.

Lo Stilista suggests you to give this book a read to explore your own self in the book.

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Happy Reading!

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