Life of a woman is not an easy one to live, considering her physical and hormonal changes that happen quite very often for the majority of this section. And with the fact that a woman must look pretty enough to impress our society, that’s something that doesn’t go true for men. A woman, hence, is burdened and occupied with some or the other troubles all her life. Some of those troubles happen once a lifetime, some for fewer times more than that and some are fixed every month, just like “Menstrual cycle”.

The cycle that the species of men can’t really understand but can only witness. The time which is not just about blood flowing but really making a woman’s life upside down, at least, internally. Unlike a man’s hormones, women’s hormones are never at rest. They keep changing with every menstrual cycle and play with the women’s mind all the time. It’s very easy for men to say to a woman “you think a lot”!

We would looooooove to think as less as possible you guys provided we get the opportunity to exchange our internal structure with yours, huh!

Considering the expectations of the society or something that has been imposed on us, never realized when, we need to maintain our outer appearance with the maximum of approvals. But, it gets harder for those 4-5 days when we are going through our cycle and the question that tags along is “What to wear in period”. Hence, there are some tips I can provide that can help you maintain those expectations from the society and would also contribute to making you feel confident about yourself on the worst of your days.

Let’s get started!



Tip #1

The first and the foremost thing that comes into play is your clothes. While choosing out your clothes for the day, make sure you consider your periods in mind. That’s a MUST! If you’re opting for a two-piece outfit, make sure your lower piece, which is more connected to your pain area, is as comfortable as possible. And for that, wearing loose clothing would do wonders for you. That’s something I prefer personally. Jeans are evergreen, but avoid wearing them during your periods. They would only contribute to increasing your pain.

Then what should you pair your tops and blouses with? Needless to say, it’s your palazzo pants, loose skirts (short or long), loose pants, leggings, Patiala pants, etc. If you don’t have them, you can get them online from the sites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra. A great deal of such things you can find on GO COLORS as well which is my personal choice. The point is to carry something that’s quite loose in size that’s not gonna affect you with your changing positions and keep you cozy all the time.

wear in period


Tip #2

Avoid wearing lighter shades if possible that’s just gonna keep you tensed all day. Yes, the best of best sanitary napkins have come into existence, yet, none of them would save you from getting embarrassed if you’re not able to take care of your positions or the movements of your body. There are times when you can’t be careful enough to avoid any possible blunder that can happen so darker shades would help you in saving from the embarrassment that comes along.

wear in period


Tip #3

Don’t overload yourself with too many accessories and too much of makeup. Carrying limited accessories and the makeup would keep your mind stable and won’t distract you from the key areas of your life where the lack of attention is unaffordable. This is the time when you already get distracted on and off, and loading yourself with too much can only add to your pain.

wear in period


Tip #4

Not overloading with accessories doesn’t mean not wearing them at all. Instead, decorate yourself, obviously with the concept of minimalism, to make sure that you’re looking awesome when you’re stepping out. Due to our hormonal changes, we often come to conclusions about ourselves like we are not good enough. That’s the first thought that starts to play with our minds when our periods are near. So make sure, you carry yourself in a way that when you come across a mirror, it should only be able to say, “you look the best”.

wear in period


Tip #5

Avoid heels! Yes, no matter how better you carry yourself in heels, it can’t beat the pain of your menstrual cycle. Heels also affect your lower part of the body to a great extent, so, it must be avoided when one’s going through this phase that’s majorly connected to that area. Half-inch heels would still be fine if it’s a need of the moment. Else, try using all your flats during this time. You’d love them for the kind of pampering they would provide you at the most critical time of your month.

wear in period


Tip #6

While thinking about what to wear in period, don’t put too much stress on your hairdo. Hair is the only area that doesn’t need any kind of special attention. You can do anything you like. Keep your hair open, tie them up or make some hairstyles, that’s completely your choice. Not doing much with them would keep you as calm and relaxed as making some hairstyles that would only eat your free time and help to keep you away from “I’m not good enough” thoughts.

wear in period


Tip #7

The last tip that comes into play and is very important one, if you ask me what to wear in period, it is confidence. This one is something that needs to be done internally and not externally of course. Try to keep yourself calm in every situation you come across and contemplate on your thoughts before converting them into actions. Not all your thoughts are speaking truth to you during this time especially. Ask yourself if it’s coming from your true mind or your going-through-pain mind and then take an action basis your answer. Some “breathe in breathe out” exercise would help a lot. Sleep more, smile more often and read a lot!

wear in period


P.S: You don’t have to look good for the society at the end of the day, but yourself, always remember that!



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