A bird soars, no matter how high or far, yet always comes back to her nest. And referring it as ‘her’ because I can easily relate to her. If I wasn’t a human, I would definitely be a bird, except that I don’t want to eat insects and worms. Coming back to the point, isn’t it lovely to return to a nest where you can be at rest and be at your best? That’s what a home is all about! And what’s the point of living around those four walls that doesn’t reflect you at all?

My motive from the very beginning while setting up my house was to make sure that it is giving me everything I ever dreamed of. After all, I’m going to spend most of my time here. Considering the limited space, I had to make it in such a way that I can get the most out of it and I’m quite content with the results.


And there comes my cozy little corner in the house. This corner is part of my workspace at home with the purpose of something to curl up on when I get tired working on my desk. That explains the variety of cushions I’ve put on it. That aside, this cozy corner is also good for many other reasons. It is right beside the balcony so it’s the best place for my morning meditation and a bit of stretching is a no biggie especially when I’ve got myself surrounded with my own little nursery.

morning-coffee-in-beautiful-house cozy corner

Working on the desk for hours can wreak havoc on the body, speaking of which, I had to revamp the space to bring some comfort to my workspace and this cozy setting worked out really perfect. Sitting in the natural light amidst these plants and my gallery wall is a bliss per se, and when the sun goes down and the play of light begins, that’s when it’s best to slid into my cozy nook with a book. Life is good!





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