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Sustainable fashion. Not everybody has heard of it though, it doesn’t make it any less important.

Sustainable fashion is nothing but the clothing that is environment-friendly. Making yourself look good but without hurting our planet should be the motto. Because if you zoom-out your vision a little, it’s the only runway you can eventually flaunt at and even exist. We, as a collective, should be taking initiatives towards our environment and only then we can think of breathing some really healthy air for ourselves. In the midst of the mess that our political parties have created, we are giving no attention to what’s good and what’s not! We are so much trapped in what’s happening around us that we hardly have time and energy left to take care of what’s happening to the world as a whole. Delhi is being so polluted and populated, it’s hard to even imagine a clean environment. And if you aren’t yet alarmed, you’re soon gonna be bearing the consequences of the same. It’s high time we should take some action against it and the least we can do is stop walking towards the wrong direction. Even though it is by changing our perspective on fashion. Fashion has become a daily inspiration for all of us. Ever heard of the quote “Look good, feel good”? Yea, it’s true! And as our jobs and the political influences around us has taken over us in such a way that it’s fashion and food that’s working as our daily rescuers.

To get the point straight to you all, I’ve come up with few tips you can bring in your lives that will help our environment as well and still keep you fashionable. These are the changes that, once inculcated, slowly and gradually, are gonna make a huge difference to our planet.

Let’s go green guys!

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips

1. Think Less And Repeat Your Damn Clothes

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

Even celebrities aren’t reluctant in doing so! There came a revolution that made girls out there stop repeating the same outfit twice for the upcoming events in their calendar. Reasons are two! One, influence from the celebrities and two, Facebook mania. We are shy about repeating our clothes because we would be seen wearing an outfit twice in the Facebook or Instagram pictures. “Oh my Gosh! What people would think???? I’m poor! No way! Even if I can’t afford, I’ve to manage somehow to save my image, image that I don’t lack anything!”. And that’s how your clothes take a major bite from your income. As rightly put, “we buy things we don’t need, with money we do not have, to impress people we don’t like”! Stop girls! Save your money for your own sake!



2. Mix match and Be creative

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

It doesn’t have to be the same blouse and the same denim all the time. Shuffle your clothes that’ll help you come out with a different one every time. You can choose a skirt in place of a denim or a tuck in a short dress in place of a blouse. Play with all you possess in your closet and try being a little creative. And that’s how you’ll form some great outfits you never thought was possible!



3. Accessorize

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

Different kind of accessories makes it all fresh, different and new. You can wear your shorts and a tee, with a hair bun, your sneakers, and a backpack OR wear your shorts and tee, tie a scarf around your shorts wear a silver neckpiece, keep your hair open, put on the stilettos carry along a sling bag. You become two different versions of yourself in the same outfit. Accessories, if used wisely, can make a huge difference to your outfits.



4. Borrow and Lend

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

Don’t keep buying if you’ve many events coming up in your calendar. Borrow from your sister, cousins, and friends and lend them yours as well. What’s old for them is new to you and vice-versa. Style them up a little and nobody would know it’s theirs. As people around me always said, “You look better in borrowed clothes” when I used to borrow from my sister. But if you don’t have one, you can use your brother or father’s clothes as well. Wondering how? See my post Do you have nothing to wear? Look again! and you’ll know!



5. Use DIY hacks to transform

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

DIY (Do it yourself) hacks at home help making your old clothes all new and unique and you get to gain a creative mind as well. There are many available on the Google and Youtube these days if you need assistance. Just search them out! So far, I’ve only done it to make my denim, a ripped one, which is an easy one! I’m sure many have already tried doing that but there’s more to it. So try them out!



6. Stop following TV and films

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

Fashion trends are overflowing. You just blink your eyes and hola, there is something new out there. If you try to put in your feet in every shoe out there, you’d hardly be able to have a nice walk. In short, your bank account would definitely go empty. You can’t buy everything that’s there anyway so, relax and take pleasure in all you already possess.



7. Shift a little to sustainable supporting brand

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

The change is happening. Some brands have started working towards the healthy planet and they are doing the best they can to avoid any harm to our planet. Brands like Doodlage, Pero, Ka-Sha, Bhusattava, & Forty Red Bangles, are creating examples by using organic material and I really hope other brands do start working on the same. These brands have a limited variety though and they cost huge penny which is preventing all of us from spending on them but if we just shift a little and give 10% of the spaces to them in our wardrobes, it might make some difference to our planet.



8. Thrift stores and Local Markets

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

Local markets like my favorite Sarojini has a lot of export reject stuff which has minor defects that ignorable and won’t do harm if we use them 4-5 times. That’s mostly when you wanna get rid of any clothing piece. And who knows where you bought it from anyway?

Also, there are few thrift stores out there where you can sell your old clothes and buy a variety of somebody else’s and that would totally depend on your comfort level so the option of buying from thrift stores is totally optional!



9. Work your mind when in malls

go green with eco-friendly fashion tips

This is an inner change you must bring in yourself. Malls spread a vibe around that makes you wanna buy stuff that you never needed in the first place. Try to do this inner working to make sure you don’t end up spending your hard-earned money on something you don’t need and nor the planet. You can’t wear everything in one lifetime anyway so try spending for the rest in another one.


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