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The smell of mud, a calm sound of falling drops, Chai and pakoras, all summing up to something divine. Monsoon season is an awaiting one in the list every year. But before it goes from boon to bane, work out your wardrobe by adding some rain-friendly and tinted collection to it. You can look comfortably fashionable all the time even in the rainy season if you follow these monsoon fashion tips as your ritual every year.

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Tips and Tricks for Monsoon Fashion

1. Keep all your long-length apparels aside

monsoon fashion tips

Long-length apparels are a big no-no for the rainy season. As pretty the site of the scenery is, the experience is just the opposite. Wearing long-length trousers, palazzos, maxi dresses, or saaris, is something that’ll make you struggle with this monsoon instead of letting you savor its goodness. Keep them aside for the rest of the year.


2. Say goodbye to the Whites

monsoon fashion tips

Who doesn’t like white? White will be adored forever but the monsoon can have a hold of it. It’s the lightest shades of all and the most vulnerable one for the monsoon. It can either make you dirty or wet and you’d have no else to escape. Avoid them as much as possible in the monsoon season.


3. Tint it up!

monsoon fashion tips

So, instead of going with whites, go with all the colorful shades present in your wardrobe. If you don’t have much of them, it’s time you tint it up. Colors are always pleasant and if you really wanna rock the season, buy some neon shades.


4. Choose the right fabric and avoid denim

monsoon fashion tips

The scorching summer heat has definitely said goodbye for a while, but it’s still hot enough to not let go of those fabrics you chose for the summer. As now it’s not just about the heat, but rains as well. You wouldn’t want to go for a fabric that takes longer to dry. It’s all wet out there and going with cotton and linen, even in the monsoon, is the best option. Cotton kurtis, cotton ankle length pajamas, cotton tops and what not. Also, avoid denim as much as possible as it’s hard to dry.


5. Keep your trench coats handy

monsoon fashion tips

As important as it is to wear the right fabric this season to avoid any sort of heat, it is equally important to keep your trench coats handy to save you from any illness. A small episode of a rain can leave you shivering at times, which is why it’s best to stay prepared.


6. Comfy footwear

monsoon fashion tips

Are you a heel person? If yes, give it a break! It’s the worst time of the year to even think of wearing them. It’s all wet and muddy outside. Save the embarrassment and keep yourself comfortable in rain-friendly footwear. Let your feet breathe some fresh air. It doesn’t mean you have to manage with something less fashionable. Go for strappy footwear, jelly shoes, wedges, etc. Just make sure it doesn’t make you slip.


7. Minimize accessories

monsoon fashion tips

Accessories aren’t always good to go with. There are times they save you and there are those times as well when they can put you in trouble. Metal jewelry can leave rashes or redness on your skin which will further only cause you irritation. Also, too many accessories can be a bit chaotic and clumsy to carry so avoid them as much as possible.


8. Let your hair breath some fresh air

monsoon fashion tips

The moisture in the air can really make your hair sticky and stinky. So it’s best to tie your hair loose whether you make a ponytail or a bun. It’s very much advisable to not let your hair left open. You’ll, no doubt, end up as a mess.


9. Moisture free makeup

monsoon fashion tips

Go minimalistic with your makeup in the monsoon as the moisture can only make it worse. The sweat you’ll feel on your skin will destroy your foundation and will make it look cakey and creasy. You don’t have to avoid makeup completely, but a little shift in the entire process can save you from trouble. Avoid using foundation and use BB cream instead. Or, if the foundation is important for you, try applying a single layer to avoid the mess on your face. To go minimalistic with makeup, you may also check my post Makeup Essentials For A Decent Makeup which will help you limit your items to enough.


10. Waterproof and zipped bags

monsoon fashion tips

As it’s rainy out there, try not to carry any water absorbent handbags. You can go for leather or nylon bags which are water repellent and will not be destroyed by the weather. It’s the money as well as your appearance that you may end up losing because who would like to be seen with the stains on the bag? Also, go for zipped ones over the open tote bags.


11. Umbrella

monsoon fashion tips

Always keep an umbrella handy in the monsoon. You’ll find a variety of them available in the market as well as online. Amazon has some really good collection of Umbrellas. Just make sure that you keep a compact one and I’m sure you’d find a cute one for yourself.



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