Some things never end, just like my chatter on the dresses I put on. How can one resist talking about something they just really can’t? 😉 I loooooooove blabbering about my stuff because it makes me going and also because I have a good speed of typing so why not keep the talent alive? 😉

There are numerous outfits which are being designed every single day to satiate the taste of every individual present on this planet and so, mine. But if you talk about my taste, it’s the “Details” of a particular piece of clothing. The more details I find, the nearest I am to the contentment. Just like this pretty black lace dress. The work that’s been done on this piece is amazing considering the minute details that had been taken care of. Basically, this pretty pick is all about laces, net and floral. But the way it is designed shows its uniqueness. This cute little baby I got from Lulu&Sky. Honestly, this kind of dress is an overdo for the places which are only about relaxation. And that’s why I couldn’t spare a chance to wear it, until, the day, we planned for clubbing, arrived. There’s a club called La Favela in Bali that had me convinced to try this one out. The dress seemed perfect for the club.

This classy-sweet romance with lace work throughout made me stand apart and on top of that, its plunging neckline at the back with all the strings had me drooling. It looked much better being paired up with this classy black textured bag designed with floral applique and metallic detailing on the front along with the cute little piece of printed satin fabric and a faux fur pom pom on the side which was a cherry on top. Not much interested in the heels, I opted to go with this very beautiful mule shoes with colorful metallic print details all over which further solves a myth of “only heels at the club” as slip-ons are nowhere behind darlings. Embellished with a black sequin choker necklace, gold-plated twisted hoops, and a sleek stretch bracelet, you can’t dare to say I was any less accessorized, huh? And, and, and, my “bold makeup” and the sexy messy bun had me all sway along at the club.

This turned-out-to-be-a club dress was not picked up keeping clubbing in mind specifically but yeah, it went perfectly with the occasion. However, it’s not only limited to clubbing but can be a go-to for cocktail parties, a day out or those flirtatious date nights you’re looking forward to 😉 because it totally depends what you pair it up with. Laces are that versatile you know.

To check out more on laces, go through my article Embrace The Lace and you’ll see a totally different face of laces.


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Outfit Details:

Dress, Bag, Slip-ons: Lulu&Sky
Earrings: H&M
Bracelet: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Choker: Padini, Genting, Malaysia



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