I’ve become very fond of checks since the day I met my husband. Couple With Heart, Type-4  He’s a check lover. And so am I now. There is a lot of variety you can find in checks and you can just take a plunge into it. Checks are modish and you’d find it in almost every other store. It has a history though, which you can check on Wikipedia.

Basically, the word “check” has been derived from the oriental game of chess. When the king is dead in the end, it was anciently expressed as “shah-mat” and so the expression used in modern chess is “check-mate”.

From the variety of checks, I picked up this Buffalo check print dress that was going exactly with my mood. Woman Tipping Hand: Light Skin Tone It is evergreen and it flourishes in any form you put on yourself. Be it a dress, a shirt, a top, accessories or footwear. It’s so eye-candy, it just makes you look classic.Hugging Face

I’ve accessorized my check print outfit with a small black leather sling bag which seemed elegant to me and matched it up with the eternal white “superstar” shoes from Adidas. They are my favorite as they tag along with almost every western outfit.

You wish and they fit! Clapping Hands: Light Skin ToneClapping Hands: Light Skin ToneClapping Hands: Light Skin Tone


check printcheck print

check printcheck printcheck print check print



Outfit details
Check Print Dress: Cover story
Shoes: Superstar, Adidas
Sling bag: Heels, CP





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