Fashion, as vast it gets, as confusing it becomes. Not everyone has the same sense of styling their outfits and not everyone has the same number of accessories in their respective closets. The taste varies a lot and so the budget everyone set for themselves, even when you’re living almost similar kind of lifestyles.

But, as we say, this earth is round, we all end up at the same place and in the same kind of situations, so in terms of fashion. The world is evolving and it has evolved to a time when the fashion for celebrities and an ordinary human being is no different. The reason is that majority is just following the trends celebrities initiate. They are not being creative considering lack of time. So they, instead of setting a trend, just follow what’s already in and new.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of few things that are very common and obviously available in every single celebrity’s wardrobes, it’s time that we must have those things in our closets as well. These are the basics if you’re really up to the trends. If not, it’s no harm to invest in these basics that are must for this summer. So, have a look at my summer fashion tips for girls that’ll hopefully be very helpful to you all.


Summer Fashion Tips For Girls

1. Scarf/Stole

summer fashion tips for girls

You MUST have at least one in your closet! Can you really go out without it in summers? I just can’t! Scarfs are so versatile, they hold the power to change your entire personality. Hence, they are a mandate in my wardrobe. They support me in all my good and bad days. They make me look super gorgeous without asking much from my pocket. So, I’d advice, never be hesitant to have one in your closet as well. Scarfs can be carried like a dress or a top as well, so take a wise decision and get few asap! Look how I used a scarf in a way nobody could imagine, in my post- Tassel To Dazzle In Langkawi.


2. Sunglasses

summer fashion tips for girls

Oh My! Sunglasses! I’ll die without one! Obviously! UV rays would kill my eyes if they don’t see me with it. You know the pollution around and the hole in the ozone layer would affect them so bad! On top of that, who would mind if wearing them would make one look sexier. 😉 I’m sure you have one in your wardrobe, but if not, invest in one. Especially the one that’ll ACTUALLY save your eyes and not the local ones that the street sellers are highly promoting.


3. Deodorant/ Roll On

summer fashion tips for girls

Don’t tell me you don’t have it! I always carry one in my handbag. It’s a mandate! If you don’t feel like stinking, drag yourself out and get one. We women are just like flowers, so why not spreading our fragrances around? It’s a nominal investment though, it’s definitely a MUST. And it comes in all the price range which is a bonus attached to it. There are roll-ons available too in the markets these days which plays the same role as deodorant sprays do. Just a different way of applying it, that’s it.


4. Refreshing Wipes/ Facial Mist

summer fashion tips for girls

Do you really wanna mess yourself up? No matter, how pretty you are darling, you can’t do anything without it. The dust in the streets is gonna kill your skin if you don’t pay attention to it at the right time. And gradually, your skin will lose its charm. You’d age early and that’s the end of your story. No girl in existence can survive this, so, to stay away from such kind of reality, always keep these refreshing wipes or some facial mists that can cleanse, hydrate and soothe your skin whenever required. Summer is the season when you SHOULD invest in these.


5. Cotton Pants/ Palazzo

summer fashion tips for girls

The term you loooooove to hear in summers. Cotton! The coolest fabric that you can opt for. Summers means hot and hot means sweat! And when it comes to being sweaty, we should look for the stuff that’s gonna ease our bodies from it as much as possible. Hence, cotton pants. Denim jeans look great but, at times, they are difficult to carry in summers due to hot weather. To avoid that situation, you can either go for cotton pants or cotton palazzos that’ll keep the air going and so you. They are versatile and make decent combinations with many of your tops and blouses, hence, invest in few and not just one. There are patterns, stripes, plain, florals, all kind of variety out there, just pick the ones that suit you and your body and you are through!


6. Cotton/ Linen Kurtis

summer fashion tips for girls

The other fabric we can opt for is linen. And therefore, you can choose either cotton or linen kurtis to add to your summer wardrobe. Kurtis are light-weighted and the easiest outfit to carry. No matter where you are, kurtis make you feel comfortable and easy going. Offices also consider them as formal outfit so it can be useful to all the girls who are working in a corporate. There are ACs available in the offices, but not while traveling, right? So, invest in few of them this summer and you wouldn’t be disappointed. My favorite brands like FabIndia, W for Woman, Global Desi offers the same in variety!



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