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Teachers’ Day is around the corner and many of you must be wondering how to stand out in your outfit among so many of your friends, right? Not to worry as Lo Stilista has done that for you already. The obvious outfit for the occasion is a saree but as I always said, quitting the monotony is the best way to go. No, you don’t have to switch to some other type of outfit this time, but, the same piece of saree can be twisted in different ways to give you an offbeat look. Hence, I’ve come out with 7 quirky saree draping styles that’ll make you rock the event.


7 Quirky Saree Draping Styles


1. Retro Style

saree draping styles


Well, this saree draping style can be a fit if you’re looking for a retro look. Just add a couple of layers in your ordinary way of draping your saree and complete the look with a winged eyeliner. Actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor are already seen in such a look and they looked fabulous.




2. Dhoti Style

saree draping styles


Dhotis are men’s national attire though, trying for yourself wouldn’t hurt them anyway. Dhotis are one of the saree draping styles which will give you exactly the opposite of saree feeling. It’ll keep you free, cool and comfortable because of its easy movement nature. So, if you’re one of those tomboyish girls in the class, try this style as it’s not gonna hurt you a bit becoming a girl-like girl.




3. Belt it up

saree draping styles


Wear a belt on your waist after you drape your saree the ordinary way. That’s the only add-on which flares up your usual saree a bit. All kinds of belts can be used depending upon your mood or the saree’s look. Leather, shimmery, or metal belts are a few of the styles that you can look up to. 




4. Scarf-like

saree draping styles


Many Bollywood actresses are seen in scarf-like saree draping styles and trust me it’s gonna make you look like a stylish diva. All you have to do is use your pallu as a scarf. Just wrap it up at your neck the way you like and voila, you’re ready to flaunt.


5. Pant Style Saree

saree draping styles


This is another saree draping style that’ll help all tomboyish girls out there to get through the event. Instead of wearing a petticoat, wear your usual pants or leggings with your blouse and wrap yourself in a saree accordingly. Click on the tutorial to learn this style step by step.




6. Saree-cum-Gown

saree draping styles


Are you really one of those girls who feel shy to expose her belly and waist? Well, this is one of the saree draping styles that’s gonna act as a rescuer for you and it definitely gonna add a unique touch to your plain saree. Just keep aside your usual blouse and wear a peplum top instead. This will not only give you a gown look but will also make you stand apart in the crowd.




7. Dress

saree draping styles


If you’re not ready to wear a saree this time and you still can’t go against the dress code, don’t worry, just turn it into a dress. Check out the video below and follow step by step tutorial to learn this amazing saree draping style. This is my personal favorite among all saree draping styles I’ve got your attention to.




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