Amid all this mess and confusion, it is hard to find peace, let alone your purpose. But let me tell you, finding your purpose will eventually lead you to finding your peace.

There’s a Japanese concept ‘Ikigai’, pronounced as “ee-kee-guy”, can help you find that for you.

Ikigai, when you split,

  • Iki’, means ‘Life’.
  • Gai’, means, ‘To be worthwhile’.

Ikigai represents the concept of finding joy, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose in our existence. It goes beyond superficial happiness and emphasizes a more meaningful connection with life.

There are four principles of Ikigai, that if you figure out, no one can hinder your path to happiness and peace.

Remember, if you want to understand the meaning of Ikigai, you must let go of your selfish desires and impatience which are the biggest hindrances that you may find in the search of your Ikigai.

Four principles of Ikigai:

1. Passion (What you love):

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“Our Ikigai is hidden deep beneath us, and finding it requires a patient search.”

The first Ikigai principle is about researching your passion. Until you know your passion, it is hard for you to find your Ikigai. Discovering your passion is the first step in the path to finding your Ikigai. Reflect on questions such as,

  • What is it that makes you lose track of time?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What brings you fulfillment?
  • What were the activities that you used to do a lot since childhood and with time you abandoned them?

Reflecting on these questions will give you a kickstart in reaching your passion and hence your purpose. Passions are nothing but the gift that every soul is born with. It is a treasure that is safely stored in our hearts. Once we find them, life becomes much easier for you, for the people that surround you, and hence, for the world.

2. Vocation (What you are good at):



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“Your Ikigai is at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing.”

We all are born with certain talents. Some talents are very much understandable and acceptable in society such as singing, dancing, writing, painting, etc. and some talents have nothing to do with these stated ones. There’s a unique factor that every human is born with, and it comes naturally to us.

Some people are born with some really strange talents that we, as a society, have never heard of or seen, and we most often brush those talents off calling them stupid. Nothing is stupid in this world, except we humans ourselves.

  • If the idea of walking on sticks or poles was rejected, we would not have seen the existence and the beauty of ‘Stilts’.
  • If the idea of humans being still for very long was rejected, we would not have seen statuesque.

Humans are given everything for a reason. They can heal each other, entertain, serve, help, motivate, inspire, and grow with each other. People are not looking for fulfillment but money and profits. That’s why people are getting richer with money and poorer with happiness. And to sort that imbalance, Ikigai is the way.

Hence, Identify your talents as they are your strengths. All you have to do is practice and make them perfect. Honing your natural skills will ensure your success in finding your Ikigai.

3. Profession (What you can be paid for):

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When you know your passions and your talents, you are already much stronger than many. The task of your heart is over, and now you have to use your brain for this next step, which is, ‘Understanding the market and its gaps’.

There are always gaps in the market, find how you can use your passions and your skills to fill any gap that you observe. Sooner or later, those ideas will start working, and you’ll be able to earn your living without compromising on your happiness.

How can you be tired after work when your work becomes your play? Mondays will no longer be Monday-ne, or mundane. So, find the gaps and see how your passion and vocation can fit into those gaps, that will become your Profession. And once you find them all, it represents your proximity to finding your Ikigai.

4. Mission (What the world needs):

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It is not just about your personal satisfaction. If you only focus on your personal gains, you might end up earning loads of money, but, fulfillment will stay at bay from you. You will never be happy and finding your Ikigai will become impossible for you.

So, try to find the imperfection in the society as well. We all are born to better and contribute to the world, and we all are born naturally with the resources that we need to fulfill our purpose.

Hence, start researching society and its needs. Societies make the world and you will have to address the needs of the world as a whole if you really want to fulfill your purpose.

Humans are interconnected on a deeper level. We come here to help each other and grow. But we all end up being lured by money and power. These things are only materialistic and illusionary. Money will not stay with you, nor your illusions of power. There is only one God and you’re a child of him. You’re already powerful in the real and spiritual sense. You can also manifest that power in the material world, but not with the path of greed but with a true and deep exploration of your own self.

When you find yourself, you find your power, and those who possess the real power can defeat any illusionary power in this materialistic world.

So, how to find that power?

By finding your Ikigai!

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“Our Ikigai is the reason we get up in the morning.”

Once you find your Ikigai, it is time for you to begin implementing it in your life, every single day. Remain focused on your Ikigai and to do that, you must keep working towards it.

Stay productive by using our guidance on ‘How to be productive’. It will help you a lot in the path of finding a happy, balanced, and organized life.

Hence, find your Ikigai and find your life, your real purpose of being born.

Have a nice Ikigai journey ahead!


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