It’s only small steps that make a big difference and hence a slight change in your hairstyle can change your entire image. No matter what’s your hair texture, the length or the color, a little bit of touch up would only contribute to improvise your looks. Here’s a collection of a few hairstyles that are cool, achievable and would give you more of a chic look, for you to figure out one chic hairstyle for yourself this season.


Box Braids Bun

hair style girl

We all have tried hair buns in our lives, that gets us going right? What could we do if they never existed?  But have we ever tried making these box braid buns? This would take a while for you to make a box braid bun, and here I’m talking about two but it’s worth it. This hairstyle will only leave you wonderstruck. I personally have tried it once and it looked amazing! This comes on top of my chic hairstyles list. There are not many who have tried this so far, but trust me, if you carry it well, this would end up making you look gorgeous.


Rope Braid Hairstyle hair style girl

Braids, if played well, can change the look of your face and so your entire personality. There are many ways you can use braids to your advantage and that really depends what suits you at the end. Not everyone has the same face cut or the shape or the shade. But this rope braid, whether tied in a bun or complemented with open hair, would definitely spice up the boredom. Give this chic hairstyle a try, if you haven’t yet!


Bob Cuthair style girl

Bob cut is something we all are familiar with and is nothing but a twist in the ordinary. It’s your hair and they’ll eventually grow so why hesitate to cut them a little? Bob cuts are a thing again and ruling the fashion world when it comes to the hairstyles. This, in my opinion, is the cutest among all chic hairstyles, and this doesn’t even need much of your attention and money, just a comb and you’re done!


Color Your Hairhair style girl

Where coloring hair has become a common trend, coloring with the punk shades is yet not too common. There’s a very thin line between the shades that can move you from a girly girl to an emo girl so it needs quite some attention of yours to come out with the best suitable shade that goes with your looks. Opt for the lighter version of any shade you like because the darker it is, the nearest you are to become a punk yourself and it will, indeed, move you far away from carrying a chic hairstyle.


Cozy Bunhair style girl

This one is our favorite, isn’t it? I’ve prepared a whole article on this Big Bun Theory (Check it out if you haven’t yet) and this is my best buddy so far who’s always with me in my ups and downs. A hair bun can transform your personality the way you want it to. Its versatility is everything that matters. Be it at work or a party, a hangout, a night out, an occasion, or some leisure time you wanna have, it supports in every way possible. Tell me if it is not true? So, how can it be skipped on my list?


Rock The Double Braids hair style girl

Coming across this style, I can recall my school days easily now. We all have been through those days when making braids was a MUST in our schools along with the white or red ribbons. But almost everything we wore or carried in our childhood has become a trend in 2018. Women have gained much space to breathe, and are now carefree to try anything out when it comes to fashion. Hence, these braids stick no more to the children category and can be experimented by all the females out there because the rule is, “Never Grow Up!”.



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