Ruffles, started its journey in the 15th century, and never-ending its influence over people,  are doing great in terms of fashion. Connoting the sign of strength and power, nothing could take its place. It stands strong in its own vicinity.

Ruffles are nothing but a little twist in the ordinary and they can still manage to change your look from casual to formal. These look good on both men and women but in India, it’s not too common for men. Countries like Germany, US or UK still have this kind of attire for men. As, for them, it goes on very rare occasions.  I remember the days when I loved seeing them on my frock, back in my childhood. Nothing can beat the feeling of joy I used to get from these ruffles. It was my first crush back then that lasted forever. 😍

This lemon shade ruffled top I’m wearing is one of my favorites for spring. It’s very lightweight and the material that has been used in the making of these frills is Georgette. This can be tagged along with jeans, trousers, or skirts. I decided to wear it with this black skirt I got from Shoppers Stop. Although I don’t exactly remember the name of the brand, if you go to Shopper Stop, you’d find various brands where you can get a variety of apparels. I was looking forward to wearing something that wouldn’t make me uncomfortable and yet look decent enough for a hangout, and these cute little frills did the job.

Try the frilling ruffles style once and you’d fall in love with it. So far I’ve explored, Lulu & Sky and Cover Story are the brands which are inculcating these styles in most of their pieces, and in a way that every piece looks different from the other. That vast these ruffles are and creativity is no limit. 🙂






Ruffles Ruffles


Tip: Make sure that you wear something simple and plain with the ruffles, else you might end up looking like a mess. That’s why they associate “Ruffles” with “Power”.


Outfit Details:

Lemon Shade Ruffled Top: Cover Story
A-line skirt: Shopper Stop
Army Cap: Reebok



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