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Hello guys!

My inner Joey has a very important question for you all! – “How You Doin’?” 😉

Wishing and considering your good health, I’m moving ahead with a very important concern most of we girls have. It’s like our wardrobes are full and yet we have nothing to wear, right? So, that’s my daily story too. I just opened my closet today to fetch out what could do best for the day, I sat down and just observed what’s all in there? And what I came out with was a white tee and blue culottes that were the best thing I could think of at the moment.

So, what I’m really getting to is that we all have a lot of stuff already in our closets, yet we have nothing to wear almost every time we look at it. Just, for once, try to look at it from a different angle, guys. It’s not that you have to pair the same stuff, in the same way, all the time. Please play with your stuff and you’d see and so the people around you that you’re no less than a fashionista who doesn’t even have to spend her hard-earned income every time she wants to look good and different!

Do you wanna know how that kind of skills would be achieved? There comes a must-have section that’s gonna help you a lot to make some difference to your wardrobe. Keep them and they’ll just help you look amazing almost every single time!

Check out these wardrobe must-haves for every woman and become a fashionista yourself.




wardrobe must haves for every woman

1. Belts

No matter how fleshy I get and how tight my denim already is, I still need to belt it up! We all know that belt, authentically, is a part of men’s attire but now that we have overtaken it already, we women have improvised it in a much better way. Men are dumb! Don’t expect them to be innovative and smart like we women are! Accept the fact that God has made us their creators. We hold the power! Whether it’s our denim or it’s them, we can always rule using our belts! You know what I mean?? 😉 Also, belts are not always necessary to just hold our denim or pants or our respective spouses, but also to decorate and accessorize our boring clothes. So, this universal accessory is a MANDATE in the list!!!!



wardrobe must haves for every woman


2. Camisole

Camisole is definitely one of the wardrobe must-haves for every woman. I can’t do without it! I mean, are you a Bollywood celebrity who loves to be transparent when it comes to your body, or just love to show your cleavage? You can’t walk in your transparent clothes without them, right? Nets are so much in and look so pretty but without a camisole, it’d be just so exposing!!!! A camisole in itself acts as a top at times, if you’re wearing it with denim or shorts. Keeping its versatility in mind, have at least two (black and white) in your closet.



wardrobe must haves for every woman


3. Denim Jeans

Denim? I think I’ve already mentioned that earlier? Haven’t read that? Link here. Yes, denim is that important. Have them in your wardrobe and they’re gonna save your ass on many occasions. Denim is evergreen and works best for any woman on this planet. They are life-savers for those who always lack time to get ready. You have nothing to wear? Wear denim then. Tag along with a spaghetti and put on a shrug and here you go! Denim is definitely a wardrobe must-have!



wardrobe must haves for every woman


4. Flats

They are something I can’t do without! Oh yeah! “They”! One is not enough for me! I’m not a heel person because I try to avoid discomfort 99.99% of the time. But yes, it’d be a friend for every woman so, make sure to keep one in your wardrobe and try looking for shades which are neutral and would support most of your clothes hanging in your closet. I know most of you must already have one, but this is essential so I can’t afford to skip for those who do not have them yet.


wardrobe must haves for every woman

5. Scarf

Scarfs are an add-on to your attire. Scarfs are not a mandate but would act as an accessory that would shift your look to a completely different one! And what could be so better than this keeping you away from your sweat and help to keep your fragrance alive? Scarfs are something that’s there in everyone’s closet but yet not everyone knows how to use it wisely.


Check out this video by Wendy Nguyen that’ll give you 25 ways to wear your scarf with some really good music in the background.




wardrobe must haves for every woman


6. Sneakers

Ek to Banta hai boss! How can you afford to not have one of these? Just like denim, sneakers are lifesavers too! And Sonam ki shaadi had a rocking time only because of “sneakers”. Every celebrity was found in sneakers, but I guess, it was a theme already planned! But, who cares? They are who our major population of girls look up to. So, maybe now you must know the importance of sneakers. They are so comfortable to carry in any occasions like a day out, or a night out or a trip or a lunch or a dinner, they’re your friend at all times. So never leave them alone and never live without them. Keep one and you’ll thank me later!



wardrobe must haves for every woman


7. White Shirt

Better late than never! I also recently realized its importance in our lives! A white shirt can keep you both formal and informal depending on your circumstances. Wear it with a trouser, and you’re office ready. Wear it with your denim and you’re ready for a day out! You can also wear it as a stylish crop top but just buttoning upper half of the shirt and knot it up from the rest and wear it with a palazzo pant, denim jeans or a skirt, you’d rock in every form you take the chance in. 



wardrobe must haves for every woman


8. White Tee

As I told you earlier, I’m wearing one while writing this already. This saved me from spending much time sitting in front of my open wardrobe. A white tee is versatile and can be tagged along with anything you like. And if you use it wisely, this acts as a chameleon because it changes its look according to what you’re teaming up with it. Just like today, I wore it with culottes, I wear it under a denim shirt to give it an entirely a different look. I’ve tried it once in my life and have fallen for it ever since.


These are not only wardrobe must-haves for every woman but also for all men, provided, they can fit in our camisoles. 😉


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