The Idea Behind Lo Stilista

The stylist is within us all and the idea is to bring it out through our own creativity. It’s not always about the clothes or the accessories we buy but the way we mix them up. It’s about our own experiments in using our clothes which we probably bought several years ago and making them feel as new. It’s about how we play with the accessories and variety of colors hanging in our wardrobe. We don’t necessarily need to buy brands all the time. We can become our own brand by picking up the right combinations of our apparels and accessories. And that’s what this blog is all about.

This blog will have other engagement activities as well as some creative stuff to explore too. The journey, of course, will be walked together. So, let’s begin!

My Story

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Sarita Lamba, the editor of this blog, embarking on this journey with you all. I’ve done my Masters in International Business from IMT Ghaziabad. I’ve worked with companies like American Express and Accenture for almost 4 years as an Analyst before realizing my actual instinct. I’ve also studied Digital Marketing that brought me to this idea of following my passion through this blog. I believe learning is infinite and the more you experiment with what you’ve learned and gained interest in, the nearest you get to your soul.

My blog is basically an experiment of mine with my learning so far when it comes to fashion. I’m not someone who has got any degree from any fashion institutes, but someone who always tried to experiment with the apparels available in the closet. And that’s what I’m gonna share with you all. Hope you have a good time here! 🙂