The Idea Behind Lo Stilista

The stylist is within us all and the idea is to bring it out through our own creativity. It’s not always about the fashion we carry but also the way we live our lives. It’s about the experiments we do in utilizing the information we receive in our day to day lives. Everything needs a bit of styling! We don’t need to blindly follow any particular way of doing things which completely blocks our creative side, instead, we can cherish what we learn throughout our journey so far and create something wonderful and new out of it. And that’s what this blog is all about.

Lo Stilista was started as a fashion blog initially, however, my journey so far revealed a lot about me and I could not stick to talking about only a few things I knew. After all, a blog is an opportunity to share and that’s what my ultimate goal is. I’ll share a lot more than just the fashion stuff and the journey, of course, will be walked together, so, let’s begin!


My Story

Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m Sarita Nakra, the editor of this blog, embarking on this journey with you all. I’ve done my Masters in International Business from IMT-Ghaziabad. I’ve worked with companies like American Express and Accenture for almost 4 years as an Analyst before realizing my true instincts. I’ve also studied Digital Marketing that made me understand a lot about how to market a brand on online platform. I’m still learning by doing. I believe learning is infinite and the more you experiment with what you’ve learned and gained interest in, the nearest you get to your soul’s calling. I recently came across mine. I’ve become a full-time artist. Watercolor paintings, sketches, designing digital prints for fashion, home and lifestyle accessories, canvas acrylic paintings, making wedding cards and wall murals, all sums up to the work I deliver. Check out my website Sarita Nakra Designs and you’ll have a better idea of my work. Since, I’m a die hard coffee lover, I’ve also started a page on Instagram as Bread And Beans. To have all the cozy vibes around your Instagram feed, you can follow the page.

Hope you have a good time here. 🙂


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