I’ve been writing about fashion a lot and then quite introduced my interest in home styling but never really wrote much probably ‘coz it’s hard to work on many things simultaneously. To cut the long story short, I’m really excited to tell you that my blog is no more about just fashion but it’s gonna be about all of my favorite things and trust me, as they say “people change”, it’s not any less true considering my interest inclining more towards other things than just fashion. Probably that’s the reason I didn’t feel to write much about only fashion anymore. Life means change and I quite flow with it.

With that comes another news, my business setup in arts. I call it arts because I’ve kept my options open but so far it is about, prints, paintings, wedding cards, and anything you can make out of a print. It’s the best thing I could possibly imagine for myself and have always prayed to have one and it has finally come true. You can have a peek inside my website saritanakradesigns.com.


artist print designer delhi


This is why I couldn’t manage to write on Lo Stilista. But better late than never, I’ve finally made up my mind about this blog and I want to share a lot. I gain inspiration from a lot of people and a lot of things. There is something new that’s invented in my brain everytime I mix all the information I receive. Whether new or usual, but it’s always creative and for me that’s enough to learn from.

So, to sum it up, my blog is gonna be about:

  1. All the things I like to do when it comes to home designing,
  2. Everyday living or lifestyle,
  3. Books or any content I get to read which is worth sharing,
  4. Fashion of course, and
  5. As you must have already got an idea looking at my blog about my interest in travelling, travelling just anywhere.

I’ve read people don’t like to read a blog which is not focused on one specific topic, but I really can’t help it. This is me! Always need to shuffle to avoid the monotony.

I’m hoping to stay updated on my blog and trust me, I desperately wish to but this quarantine situation has got me to do a lot simultaneously so *fingers crossed*.