Hi friends! This is my first article so I opted to write on something that would be useful to you all. And so, I came up with a topic like this. This is a thought that arises to a majority of women. “How to get cheap clothes that look expensive?”
Everyone knows how women are.
Oops! My bad! No one can actually ever know us! That’s a funny thing about us, isn’t it? We are unpredictable. But there’s a fact which almost everyone is aware of is that we all love shopping. Shopping is a therapy for us and none of our ancestors were able to figure out “why”. Who’s interested anyway?  Not me at least. I’ll rather go shopping!!!! 😀
So here I am to help you with some tips on spending your money wisely and yet look flawless.


Tip #1.
Be thrifty when spending on apparels
Like you see me wearing in the picture below. This is a dress which I bought from Sarojini Market, New Delhi for just 150 INR. Strange no? In Sarojini, you’d find all the export reject stuff coming from top brands. There could be a little defect but it’s ignorable. I couldn’t find any in this one though. And I managed to look my best! What say?


cheap clothes that look expensive

If we ever contemplate on this a bit, our clothes are not new to us after using them twice or thrice. They become old and stay still in our wardrobes for the rest of our lives, or until you decide to give them away. Then why do we spend such a huge amount on something that’s not gonna stay with us for long? That’s what it’s all about! Stay thoughtful and save your money.
Tip #2
Wear what’s comfortable on your body
We, to look good, end up buying something we aren’t comfortable with. Because that’s the trend, right? But gone are the days when we had to follow the ongoing trends. You are in the time when you can start your own trend by utilizing all you have in your wardrobe in the best way you can. There’s nothing outdated these days. From early 19th century fashion to now, everything is in. So why to create any hassles. Wear what you like, wear what you feel confident in.



Tip #3
Avoid using harmful products on your skin
Use your money wisely when buying products you apply on your body. The mistake we all do is that we spend a huge amount of our money on clothes which are not gonna last for us for long but when it comes to actually loving your body, we become a miser. Isn’t it unfair? That’s why they say “Never was a miser a brave soul”. Thus, be thoughtful when you indulge yourself in shopping. Don’t go heartless to your own body. That’s where your soul resides.



Tip #4
Cheat moments
Like you have cheat days when you go on a diet, you can also cheat when you shop. It’s okay not to ignore something you really loved in the mall. Something which is unique and difficult to resist not buying. We are women at the end of the day and no one has power over us, right? So have those moments where you break all the rules and just buy what you want to. This way, you can keep yourself happy and so your respective spouses. 😉


“Shopping is a therapy for a woman. Don’t let it add stress to your life.”

           – Sarita Lamba


Outfit details:
Dress: Sarojini Market
Bag: Shop from Khan Market
Shoes: Adidas


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