How To Look Cool?

I remember my childhood days and the time when I used to get bullied in school. The people who were behind that were not the little kids my age but the teachers. I was an average student in my school and that’s the reason why I was ignored to participate in all extra curriculum activities. I had to fight to get into those activities just because my marksheet was nowhere near to the toppers’ of the class. And I consider this as a kind of bully that I’ve faced in my life and that kept me under confident half of my life. I was also called by nasty names and only by my teachers. I was never appreciated by the people I was surrounded with. Just like me, many other people have faced some kind of bullies in their lives that have lowered down their self-belief and made them under confident and that’s why, Google has shown immense search results on the topic, how to look cool. This query is viral and in very much question which made me write about such a topic.

Here are some tips on how to look cool that are going to help you to make an impression on someone. But, if that someone is really important for you or if you want some genuine souls around you, try to stay as your original self as these tricks won’t help you retain those special ones. I’ve got my self-confidence long back and advise you to do the same as it’s always there if you just have faith in yourself.


1. Denim

Denim is the coolest fabric you’d find out there. Denim is evergreen and ever classy. They are the effortless way of looking cool. Be it the denim jeans, or denim jacket, or denim shoes, denim shorts, denim skirt, denim shirt, denim top or denim dress. You can wear it the way you like and, it, of course, adds a cool touch to your outlook. Denim jackets are my personal favorite so do give it a try. Denim has a variety out there. You can opt for whatever your body is comfortable in. Denim Jeans is very common and almost everyone has a collection of it. If you go for ripped ones, you can skip the rest of the article.

how to look cool


2. Sneakers

Always remember one thing, no matter what size of heels you can put on well, they, 90% of the time, won’t be comfortable. And if they are not comfortable, how can you expect them to make you look cool? Heels make you controlled and conscious almost everytime you wear them. They won’t allow you to go ahead with anything and everything. It limits your activities and it limits you! So, never opt for them if your only motive is to look cool. The best shoe is sneakers. Sneakers give you a carefree, easy and comfortable attitude. Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja and sister Rhea Kapoor proved the point very well in Sonam Ki Shaadi. Sneakers are a must in your wardrobe not just to look cool but also to stay comfortable.

how to look cool


3. Sunglasses

Who wants to ignore something that protects your eyes from harmful rays and still manages to make you look cool? Sunglasses, no clue for what reason, definitely gives you a cool appearance. The reason probably is that it conceals your eyes. Your eyes tell everything about you. If you are nervous, it conveys that. If you’re happy or sad, or if you’re confident or not, it conveys everything. And if your true(negative) thoughts about yourself are not visible to the other person, it definitely gonna make you look cool and positive. You can act confidently without many efforts. Just make sure, you don’t wear them at night. They would do just opposite.

how to look cool


4. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps also save you from sun rays, however, this one can still be used at any time of the day, unlike sunglasses. They are no doubt gonna make you look like a funky chic if pulled off well. In India, where we are still debating on what a girl should wear and what she shouldn’t, she is now in dilemma about what she can actually wear and feel good about herself. Baseball hats are just an add on to what you wear girls and it’d instantly add a cool touch to your plain outfit. So girls, don’t be reluctant to keep at least one in your closet. This is the coolest accessory you can own.

how to look cool


5. Makeup and Jewellery Minimalism

I’m gonna write a separate post on minimalism as it’s high time it should be highlighted. And the same term can also help you look cooler than you can imagine. You don’t always have to put on a lot of makeup and jewelry to look good. They, indeed, make you look good but if you trust me, these things should not be used forever to make you feel confident about yourself. Makeup and jewelry accessories are a delightful part of any girl’s life, but, excess of anything is not good. If you go with minimal makeup and jewelry, you can still manage to look awesome. If you’re going with a denim, baseball hat and sneakers, they are not even required. Accessories are good to play with, but not all the time friends. Keep them as minimal as possible and you’d still be kicky enough.

how to look cool


6. Color Your Hair

It’s high time you do that! It’s a myth that color destroys your hair. It has chemicals for sure, but if taken care of well, it can’t have any power over your hair. L’oreal has a variety of funky shades, you can opt for the one that suits you. Try for highlights as they don’t change your look completely, and yet, makes you look way cooler. If you’re allergic to the dye and wanna avoid any harm to your hair, avoid applying it straight from the scalp, leave a half inch of your hair and then start. To know if you’re allergic to the dye or not, conduct a patch test prior to coloring your hair. I’ve done that twice already and it always made me feel good.

how to look cool


7. Get Inked

Many are still afraid to get it done even if they want to. They fear the pain they’d receive from getting it done. But it’s a fear that makes no sense! Trust me, Girls! This pain is NOTHING in front of the rest of the pain we go through in our lives. They are rather gonna add some positive touch to your lives. Tattoos look so cool, I’ve also got one already but it is much on the lovey-dovey side. As it was TOTALLY dedicated to my dear loving husband. But it expresses my soul as well. And, looking stylish and cooler is just an add-on bonus I received from it. Check it out in my post Got Inked!

how to look cool


8. Don’t Just Act, Be Cool

Now, this is the bonus tip that doesn’t come under the material or physical fashion, but it’s something that needs to be done at the backend which can do more good to you than any other fashion tips I’ve provided on how to look cool. This is a deep work and if this one is learnt well, the rest of the tips are just gonna make you earn some incentives. Never feel any less confident about yourself. We’ve witnessed endless stories of people already who were nothing at the beginning but their confidence, dedication, and good karmas brought them to the top. Confidence is everything! It can also come by just faking it. “Fake it until you make it” is the rule. So, go ahead with confidence and have faith in yourself, it’ll make you look much cooler and much real.

how to look cool


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